How To Access Snapchat Online Without Download The Application 2021?

Access Snapchat Online

It’s been years Snapchat being a purely mobile app. The desktop version for the app isn’t still popular so the question arises in the mind of users ‘How to Use Snapchat Online without download the Application?’. The Snapchat freaks really want to access their app’s features through the computer. This is possible with some third-party tools.  So in this article, we discuss ‘how to access Snapchat online without downloading the application? with the use of some third-party tools.

About Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the leading multimedia messaging application for mobile devices developed by American company Snap Inc. This app also access its users to send the photos and the videos popularly called snaps to other users. The only difference that makes this app peculiar is that the snaps that are sent are only available for very short time period and disappear quickly within seconds after they’re viewed. This property of Snapchat is quite embarrassing for some users who desire their snaps remain forever on other social apps.

Snapchat was designed by Stanford graduates, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in 2011 and was initially launched for the iOS operating system in 2011. Since then with the inclusion of some great features, Snapchat has been ever-growing. As of the record of March 2020, Snapchat had nearly 229 million active users with nearly 41% of teens aging 13 to 17 using the app. More than 4 billion snaps are sent every day and an active Snapchat user opens the app 30 times a day. More than 60% of the users create new content on a regular basis.

How to initiate the Snapchat?

The Snapchat application may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After completing the registration, the Snapchat accesses users add friends beyond the contact list. Once logged in, users can take photo or video and do editing. Then they may select the friends whom they want to send the photo and set timer upto 10 seconds. When the receiver receives the photo, he has the time set by the timer after they get the app to look at the photo before the message gets destroyed by itself. Friends can also reply to the message.

About Snapchat online

Those users who do not wish to install the Snapchat application may use Snapchat online. It is an amazing tool which facilitates its user with almost every feature that Snapchat android and iOS offer. Users can use unique camera feature, filters as well as stickers. There is no need to show the snap code and the messages can be checked whenever logged into the snapchat from the desktop. 

Now the theme question:

How To Access Snapchat Online Without Download The Application?

Is it possible? Use Snapchat online without downloading the app? Definitely, it’s possible. Whenever Snapchat users want to access the app from their computer, they essentially require an emulator or any other software. We will discuss here some of the useful third party tools that can really help the users access this beautiful app on their browser or computer. In simple words, the users can use Snapchat online without downloading the application.

1.  Nox App Player To Access Snapchat Online

access Snapchat online

Nox App Player is one of the few emulators that work efficiently on windows PC to give the users an astonishing experience of android right on the windows. Based on the virtualization, this emulator creates a virtual environment of latest android where the users can install and run favourite android apps like Snapchat.

Nox app player possess clean and tidy user interfacedue to which the users are addicted to it. Since most of the computers around the world are powered by Windows, so app player like Nox has been designed as an android emulator.

Nox is free to download completely and can be used without any charges. The app has great usability since most of the popular android apps are already available for direct downloading from Nox for windows.

How to Install Nox App Player for Windows PC or Laptop

Following steps are to be considered while downloading and installing NOX for Windows based machines:

1. Download the official Nox player. Move to the file download location and open the file to begin the installation process. Users need to agree the terms and conditions and then click on install option.

2. The installation process will start and takes some minutes to complete the process.

3. The start button will appear once the installation is complete. Click on the start button and launch the Nox app player on your PC.

how to access Snapchat online without downloading the app

4. Once successfully installed, the Nox player will take some time to setup everything.

5. Users may open the Playstore and login through the Google account to start installing and experiencing the favorite android apps like Snapchat on the windows machine.

acess Snapchat online

 2. Via Manymo To Access Snapchat Online

This web based android emulator permits the users to embed apps in websites, collaborate, developments and automated testing using dozens of virtual android devices and add fully usable Android apps to websites. Nearly 100K users and companies as well use the app. Users can also share links that open an emulator and launch the app.

Access Snapchat Online
access Snapchat online with Manymo

Main features of Manymo

  • Web-based emulator to embed the apps, developments, collaborate, and test apps
  • Smart & Reliable Software
  • About 100,000 users, as well as companies, use the app
  • Fast Collaboration
  • offers 13 several screen sizes
  • Reliable Tools & Smart Tips
  • Compatible with Windows

       How to link Snapchat to Manymo:

  • Sign up for the Google play and download the Snapchat app from the Google Play account as .apk file. Save the app in a folder so as to access during uploading into the emulator.
  • Go to Manymo and create an account for Manymo. Simply sign up by entering the required information.
  • The users need to start to launch the emulator after logging in. This can be done with the option at the top right to launch the emulator with an app.
  • Navigate to the downloaded Snapchat .apk file and upload it to the emulator. The Snapchat will run automatically online.
  • Log in to the Snapchat with username and password. In case if users forget any details, they may click on the links provided to recover them on the emulator.

3.  KO Player To Access Snapchat Online

How To Access Snapchat Online Without Downloading The App

Ko Player is also among the powerful Android emulator that allows users access all sorts of apps from their smartphones’, tablets’ and PC as well. With this app, users need not configure anything. The emulator needs to be opened for the first time once the installation is complete and that’s it everything will be ready to be used. The apps can be downloaded, browse the internet from the emulator, etc. Ko Player also makes installing apps super easy. Since the emulator is available on Google Play by default so to download the apps it’s super easy.

The great features of KO player include capturing images or videos as well as setting the screen’s resolution. Users can adjust the virtual android screen at any moment.

 4. Remix OS Player To Access Snapchat Online

access Snapchat online
How can I use snapchat online without downloading the app?

Remix OS player is an Android emulator for Windows devices that provides amazing experience and allows users test the Android applications on their PC. It is based on Android’s Marshmallow operating system and uses its studio technology. Some of its great features are:

1.  Use multiple programs simultaneously.

2. Constructed to act as a desktop OS

3. Clean and simple interface

4. No need to change settings to install applications.

This Android emulator is free to all Window users and provides many functionalities. Anyone with the Windows device can use this tool to run the Android applications.

Note: This app has been discontinued but is available on the internet and may be downloaded and get the benefits.

Wrapping up….

Here we have not explained one of the most efficient emulator to use Snapchat online without downloading the app which is Bluestacks. Readers are suggested to give a try for this tool as it is one of the most easy and reliable to use. Snapchat banned this emulator in 2019 without any concrete reason.

That’s it guys. We are at the last of our topic ‘How to Use Snapchat Online without Download the Application?’ the above mentioned tools are easy, efficient and popular among the users. Which method did you prefer the most? Do share this article on ‘How to Use Snapchat Online without Download the Application?’ with your dear ones and relate your comments regarding the article.

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