How To Direct Messages On Instagram From A Computer 2021??

How To Check Messages On Instagram From A Computer
how to check messages on Instagram from a Computer

How To Direct Messages On Instagram From A Computer’ This has been a sure hit query for the Instagram users who are following the app for years and yet Instagram has not accessed this feature for the PC or Mac system. However, with some easy and efficient techniques, How to check messages on Instagram from a computer. Let’s discuss them below.

Instagram has proved to be one of the best social media applications among the users for photo and video sharing. Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the application has been tremendously growing with features that is benefitting its users in many ways. It provides lots of great options to interact with contents especially photos, videos and messages.

Instagram is essentially a mobile application and many of the features are compatible with mobile versions only. Users are deprived of enjoying the essential features in the big screen desktop versions. Certainly, the charm that the user gets using the app in desktops or Mac will not be facilitated by the mobile versions. Among the features and certainly important, the option to interact with messages that is present in mobile versions is not available in desktop versions. This is creating problems for the users who desire to view the Instagram Direct Messages (DM) on their Mac or PC whenever their phone is not available or not working.

We discuss here some of the appealing methods that include both ways as well as third party tools to direct message someone on Instagram using  PC.

How To Check Messages On Instagram From A Computer

Method 1: Using the Instagram application for Windows 10

For those users who are using Windows 10 operating system the good news is that Windows 10 has launched the Instagram application. This application access the users to use Instagram features in desktop.

direct message on Instagram from PC

Here are the steps to install Instagram on Windows 10:

1. Go to your Windows store.

2. Look for the Instagram app.

3. Install the Instagram app and then launch the app.

4. Users need to provide the Instagram username and password.

5. At the top right corner of the new feed, a direct icon appears as similar to the Instagram mobile app.

6.  This icon leads the users to the DMs.

Method 2: Using Your Recipient’s Profile

Messages exhibit two-way phenomenon meaning the receiver gets the very message as forwarded by the sender. The recipient may take the screenshot of the messages and email them to the sender. This method is the easiest approach for posting the messages from the PC directly to the recipient’s mobile. Following steps may be adopted in order to send the message from the sender’s PC to the recipient’s profile.

1. Users need to log into the Instagram which will lead to the Home page. Those who donot have created the account yet need to create the account then log in using the username and password.

2.  At the bottom of the screen to the left side, there is ‘+’ icon.  Tap this icon.

3. At the top of the screen there is a search bar. Tap the search bar.

4. Under the search bar, once the person’s name is typed, suggestions pop up.

5. When the person’s name is tapped, his/her profile will appear.

6.  At the top right corner of the screen, there is ‘… (iPhone) or Android. Tap the button.

7. There is ‘Send Message’ at the bottom of the menu. Click ‘Write a message’ field.

8. Write the message and then tap ‘Send’ to the right of the message field. The targeted recipient will receive the message.

Method 3: Using BlueStack App Player [Android Device Emulator]

One of the other way where users can send an Instagram direct message on PC is using android emulators. One of the best android emulators is BlueStacks where DMs can be sent safely.

Bluestacks in an Android emulator for a Mac or PC that provides a well ranged back version of the Instagram android app. Once the Instagram is installed from the Bluestacks and the Instagram is opened, the interface will change and give the view of the android app.

Instagram on Bluestacks performs in the same way as it works on the mobile version. Users can edit messages and share them to other social media sites.

how to check message on Instagram from Computer
how to check message on Instagram from Computer

Method 4: Using Chrome Extension

How to send a message on Instagram from Computer

Using chrome extension, the Direct Message for the Instagram can be installed. This helps users in sending the direct messages directly from the desktop. Similar to the mobile version, this also gives access to the users to accept, decline or unsend the messages. Simply following steps will guide to serve the very purpose on the computer:

  1. Add ‘Direct message for Instagram’ to Chrome after getting from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Log in to the Instagram.
  3. At the top right corner, a small DM icon will appear. On tapping the icon, users will enter direct chat window.
How To Check Messages On Instagram From A Computer
direct message on Instagram from computer
can you direct message on Instagram from your computer

Method 5: Using IG:dm Messenger

IG:dm is the third party application that provides users access Instagram on their computer or Mac. It allows users read as well as text to Instagram DMs. Besides the app also supports some great features like saving images and videos, disabling read receipts, 2-factor authentication and continue conversations etc.

How To Check Messages On Instagram From A Computer
how to direct message on Instagram from my computer

The right version may be installed from the official website. Once the setup is done, users will be directed to a window with a search tab. Look for the Instagram users and start the conversation.

Final Words on How To Check Messages On Instagram From A Computer

So this was all about on how to direct message someone on Instagram from computer. All of the above methods are equally applicable. In case, if one of the methods do not work, no problem try other!! Which method you prefer the most? Tell your friends on ‘how to direct message someone on Instagram from computer’ and feel free to reach to us for any queries. 

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