How To Delete Instagram Account: An Inside Look

How to delete an Instagram account? For a temporary period or delete permanently! We have the solution. To delete an Instagram account is quite easy. Instagram users are too much concerned about their Instagram account because of various security reasons. Deleting the Instagram account is also the probable consequence of security concerns. Here we will be discussing how users can delete Instagram account by following given explanations.


Instagram has been an excellent visual gizmo for sparkling strong awareness and quite inventive in generating distinct awareness for your brand and career or system as a whole. Instagram is a social networking mobile application that authorize users to take, share, upload, and edit photos and videos. Even the social networking services included in Instagram help followers promote contents to a circle of people or give comments. More than one billion people throughout the globe are using this site to share their images, videos or messages. Before, Instagram was just used for entertainment which now has widened to marketing, business, education, health and many more. In business arena, Instagram is considered “the Rex of Social Engagement”. People are marketing their products through tablets and mobiles and their scope of sale has enlarged.

First created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram was officially launched for the iPhone on 6th October 2010 for sharing images and videos. It initially provided functions for sharing and editing photos which gradually developed to photo messaging and sharing videos enjoined to another follower anywhere at any time nationally as well as internationally.

Delete Instagram Account

About Instagram Features​

Instagram is formed from two words i.e. instant and telegram.  The platform is primarily concerned to emphasize visual-based large and innovative images. There are various filters for videos and images that help followers increase their maximum interests. Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for an estimated deal of a billion dollars. Till date  Instagram is being upgraded and updated and has featured imperative tools such as Hashtags in 2011, photographic filters like Aden, Lux, Slumber, Crema etc in 2012 and 2014, Explore in 2012, Direct and video sharing in 2013, IGTV in 2018,2020 story stickers, IGTV preview, Instagram dark mode, Instagram Alt text etc in 2020. There are more than 340 million followers of Instagram globally. Christiano Ronaldo, renowned Portuguese striker was most followed by nearly 209 million followers.

More than one billion Instagram followers use Instagram supported by nearly all tablets, Apple gadgets as well as Android phones to share their content like special or happy moments, interests, stories, feeds, achievements, supports, IGTV, Director Live.

The usage of Instagram for content needs to be constantly inspected. There is constant in between the followers so anyone can see whatever is posted unless we adopt privacy options.

How Instagram uses its users’ information?​

Instagram uses the information of its followers in the following ways:

  • For testing the products:  In order to develop the products and the services, Instagram uses the information.
  •  Sharing information with the  third parties: Since Facebook  acquired the Instagram in 2012 and as Facebook has to deal with various third parties mainly the advertising partners, so Facebook may share our date with those parties as for the informative purpose.
  •  To personalize the  experience of the user: keeping in mind the  interactions on Instagram, Instagram may imply the followers follow or suggest others to follow.
  •  For advertisement purpose For targeted marking communications and promotions, Instagram will use the information gathered about concerned followers.

Safety Concerns for Instagram

Instagram is supposed  to be safe, there is not any inherent  danger in using Instagram. Due to the concern for the internet privacy and online freedom,people fear for their children’s mean behavior especially overuse,inappropriate videos or images that affect one’s reputation, privacy itself as well as inability to control or guide the children directly.

 It is quite essential that parents refer Quick-Guide PDFs of Instagram or Parents’ Guide to Instagram. As for teens, they should learn to tackle the potential risks they feel regarding the psychological or technical aspects. 

Security experts suggest all followers  to take precautionary steps before the followers start feeling that now it’s over especially the external threats from cybercriminals and hackers. These suspects may use the information or hack into the accounts to harm the users.

 Likewise the case of blackmailing by cyberstalkers may increase with constant monitoring on daily activities of the followers. To prevent the hackers from tracking the activities online, it is better to use VPN whenever surfing online.

Instagram’s Privacy Policy

Certainly Instagram need to remain in limit regarding the privacy factor of its followers. With this concern, information posted may be classified as following types that Instagram may adopt of its followers for its purpose like promotions and so on:
  • Primary account information:  Username, password, email address and phone number.
  • Content information: Comments, Images or videos or some other contents that users post on Instagram.
  • Contact information: While using   “Find friends” feature in Instagram, Instagram will sort through contact list and other social media accounts for recommending other followers.
  • Communications information: Inter Instagram- user communications that include service-related emails and account notices.
  • Device instructions:  By using the “device identifiers” Instagram can know the type of device users are accessing.
  • Usage information: Instagram use cookies and similar technologies to detect how people are using the device.

Now What

Probable reasons to delete Instagram account

Anything for excess is not good. Users may feel that time is now to get free from Instagram use. What may be the probable reasons that the users feel using Instagram no more? Some may getrid of it for a certain period and some want to say goodbye forever. Let’s discuss why users’ escape this platform  with these following points:

  • Too much wastage of time streaming through images or videos.
  • Users feel it affects their mental health and overall physical health issue due to mismanagement of time;
  • Users are very concerned with their private matter as they want to keep it secret. So they do not want theses platforms to collect much information about them.

Since Instagram adopts various content information of its users, so there is a matter of distrust among users for Instagram. Likewise, Facebook, Instagram has been hitting with many privacy scandals one after another.Click Here

Is it time to delete Instagram account??

If you want to stay away from your Instagram account because of your concern about suffering cyberbullying, privacy threats or just feel of getting rid of such social manifesto then you can resolve your issue by deleting  Instagram account forever or disabling it temporarily. There is no effort in deleting Instagram account. Users just need to follow few steps.

If you want to stay away from Instagram for a certain period and feel that you will need it for some reason, you have the option to simply disable your account. Instagram will completely hide all photos, comments, likes, and your profile also will be totally hidden. On logging again, your activity will be again become active.

If you decide to permanently delete your account,all photos, comments, likes and your profile also will vaporize and it’s impossible to reactivate a deleted account. 

Users need to constantly inspect the usage of Instagram for contents. There is constant in between the followers so anyone can see whatever is posted unless we adopt privacy options.

However one thing you can try before adopting these steps is making your account private. Let’s discuss some privacy twists to make your Instagram account much safer.

Privacy Twists To Make Instagram Account Safe

1. Block bullies & harassers

It is necessary to block people sending creepy conversations or lots of direct messages or repeated tagging in photos. Once a person is blocked, s/he can’t contact or tag you. In order to block a user, go to his/her profile then tap the three dots at the top right and click on ‘Block’  

2. Manage comments

There is a command for the teens and the people regarding making choice for allowing or removing the comments of their followers. this can be done by managing the  “Comment Controls” section. On Android, tap the comment and hold while On iOS, swipe left on the comment to delete it.

3. Make the account private

Users can make accounts private by tapping on the profile button on the bottom right ( icon of a person ) and then on the 3 vertical dots on Android. Head down to Private account and shift the slider to the right. Once the account is private, the slider turns blue.

4. Track your time on Instagram

Instagram  has tools to manage the time that is spent on the app. Daily reminders can be set to get an alert , when  time for a break, you can mute notifications . You can access  all the postings sent by the friends and communities by tapping “Our Activity.” You’ll see a dashboard showing your average time for that app on the top of that device. Tap any bar and see your total time for that day.

5. Report problematic posts.

You can report any unwanted photos, videos or comments by clicking on the three dots next to the username, then Report. Also users can report on comments by swiping left on the comment and selecting the inappropriate reason.

6. Disappearing stories

If you just want to post something unusual that is say harmless that won’t be part of your “permanent record,” stories might be your best option.

Deleting/ Disabling Instagram account!!!​

Deleting or deactivating the Instagram account is possible  only in the web browser on Instagram website, it’s impossible through the app,. Now let’s check on how you can delete  Instagram account or deactivate it.


1. How to Delete Instagram Account forever​

Delete Instagram Account

If you have decided to escape from Instagram account regarding privacy concerns or high social media disturbances or you are fed up with sharing, uploading photos and videos, or manging comments or spending too much time on Instagram, you can delete your account forever. However, once users delete Instagram account permanently, they  can’t  reactivated the account at any cost. Here’s the way to delete Instagram account forever;

1. Go to the Instagram website and open your account. Insert your username or email and the password.​
Delete Instagram Account
2. Visit the ‘Delete Your Account’ page and from the drop-down menu select your reason for deleting the Instagram account.​
Delete Instagram Account
3. Shift to ‘To continue, please re-enter your password’ and type your password again and then at last select ‘Permanently delete my account.’​
Delete Instagram Account
4. Your Instagram account is deleted permanently. ​
Delete Instagram Account
Delete Instagram Account

2. How to Deactivate/ temporarily disable Instagram Account?

If you temporarily disable your account, Instagram hides your profile, photos, comments, and likes. They still exist in a cloud server and you may return to your account in the distant future). Here are the steps to deactivate the Instagram account temporarily:

  • Visit the Instagram website and log into your account.
  • Navigate to your profile page and click ‘Edit Profile.’
  • Select ‘Temporarily disable my account’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Open the drop-down menu next to ‘Why are you disabling your account?’ and select the option most relevant to you.
  • When directed, re-enter your Instagram password.
  • Finally, select ‘Temporarily disable an account.’
Delete Instagram Account

Final Words​

So, that’s it. To delete Instagram account with the above-mentioned method is one of the easiest ways for the very process. Share it with your friends and colleagues and tell us your comments. We will be supplementing more such articles on the ‘Delete Instagram account‘ for your access.  Sayonara!!!

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