How to get Free Instagram Followers in 2021?

free instagram followers

How to get free followers on Instagram? This question tickles in the mind of most of the Instagram users. There are many methods which may be utilized to solve this problem. In this article ‘How to get free followers on Instagram 2021?’ we will discuss some of the most efficient methods among several methods. Let’s discuss them one by one starting with some basic introduction.

In today’s digital world, social media have become an essential part of our life. Social networking sites play an important role in every sector of our life. These sites play a pivotal role in the all-round development of the communication sector. Instagram is no different and needs no introduction.

Instagram is one of the prominent social networking site that is gaining massive popularity among its users throughout the world. It was developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010 and was officially launched for iPhones as ‘Burbn’. In 2012, Facebook acquired the rights of Instagram for an estimated deal of 1 billion dollars.

The word Instagram is the combined form of instant camera and telegram. It is basically a photo sharing application that helps its users to upload, edit and post photos, videos and messages and share or connect friends or relatives or other social networks as well.

 Instagram has been continuously updated to make it more efficient with the new features. With years going, it has appeared with some of the great features like Hashtags, Explore, Instagram direct, IGTV, Instagram live video, photographic filters like Lux, Juno, Lark, Sierra, Slumber, Clarendon and many more.

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With years going, Instagram has appeared as a great platform for businesses, individuals and brands to promote themselves. Though the Instagram began as an entertaining or inspiring social site, it gradually developed as an engine for brands to enhance themselves and get more customers.

With the evolution of social media, the marketing strategy has shifted from the traditional marketing strategy where newspapers and the magazines were the key components. Many companies and firms have started using social media sites to promote their brands.

free instagram followers

Concerns for Advertisements and Marketing

 Instead of lengthy words advertisements, now companies prefer visual-based advertisements where pictures and videos speak the products. These are quite a time saving as compared to traditional ones. Moreover, people prefer to see the photo or visual contents to save time and for this purpose, Instagram fits the best for marketing strategy as compared to other sites.

Similarly for businesses also, Instagram marketing show increased engagement rates as compared to Facebook or Twitter marketing for same products. There is a prominent increase in customer numbers also from the Instagram marketing as compared to other sites.  Many business men prefer Instagram as their platform for launching their products and services.

Companies may utilize Instagram to expand their reach in terms of global scenario. The application provides regular interaction with their statistics and thus can enhance the brands to the higher level. Social apps like Instagram play an important role in lifting or killing the companies’ brands. Just proper coordination is necessary.

Teens love to increase their friends following circle. So they like other users’ videos or photos so as to get the attraction of other users and increase their followers circle. Likewise, marketers also can attract the attention of other users by liking their contents and hence promote their company name. They can also interact with the target audience that show interest in their products and deal with them.

Why do you need to get free Instagram followers??

Let’s discuss seriously. There are different ways to get more and more followers and improve the engagement. But truly, getting Instagram followers is a fun but challenge too!

For getting free followers on Instagram, we need to have a good audience ratio on the platform. Instagram is not just only a photo sharing app rather it has now transformed as an endorsing site. This can do much good on getting more followers and thus promote the brand.

Further there are some more reasons that emphasizes why getting free followers on Instagram is important. Let’s consider these points:

1. Easy publicity

If the brands have high numbers of followers then it leaves a good impression on the buyers. Buyers think the brand is consumed by many others. This means it increase the sales of the company products. Buyers often decide their choice of the brand on the basis of the volume of the followers for the brand. This also improves the image of the brand.

Brands having a large number of followers often impress the buyers. This also reflects in their sales. Consumers on Instagram often make their buying decisions based on the brand’s followers and client testimonials. This helps in improving the brand image too. 

2.   Wider reachability

Having more followers means the content will be accessed by more people. This is a good signal for the brand. If the brand is not able to grasp the target audience then the content will not help in any way.

3.   Helps increase traffic to your website

Instagram has the option to provide links on its stories. So large followers’ criteria will definitely gain more traffic for the landing pages that are set up. Brands can make use of this properly while launching their products or services

4. Influence passive consumers

 If the articles are user oriented and are shareable, then the provision of large followers even attract the passive consumers. The passive consumers see the consistency in the volume of the follower’s base and thus influence them to be a part of the brand.

5.   Shape control in the niche

If the content is well versed and fully equipped that the audience expects then this triggers them follow you. This shows the audience that the provider is well versed with the niche. This will put the brand ahead of its competitors.

Now to the principal theme:

How to get free Instagram followers in 2021?

free instagram followers

 Here we will be explaining some of the strategic lucid methods to reach the target audience and get more followers on Instagram:

1. Concentrate on  Profile and Bio

The foremost thing that a user views on the brand name is the profile or bio. This is important because people have short attention spans. The brands have just few seconds to hold the attention of the viewer. So whenever the viewer checks the profile, they want to know what the brand is all about.

The companies or people should show their achievements and concentrate on the viewers problems. The more optimized the bio, the more is the traffic and more will be the potential followers. The brand name should be impressive which also affects the username. The profile should have proper image

2. Adjoining descent conversations

free IG followers

With Conversations, there is exchange of ideas and thoughts and people listen to each other. People observe facial and body expressions which are concerned with their emotions. In the market there is something always trending.

The companies need to check what is in trend in the market so as to shape their brands as per the niche. There are chances that the conservations revolve with the particular hashtags that are concerned to the specific company.

 It is better to incorporate these things in their own posts that make posts visible to more people. If some famous hashtags can be made to join the post, then they may also become the follower of the brand. Wider the trending hashtags better is the chance for the exposure.

3.  Organizing The Contents Well In Advance

free instagram followers

Followers follow the brands on the basis of their posting on the page. A well planned content decides the no. of followers means more the planning of the content, more will be the followers. The page created for the specific purpose should be seen in whatever is posted for the brand.

There should be uniqueness in the images or videos, texts or contents. A cosmetic brand should focus on essential ingredients, proper manufacture and expiry dates, precautions, concerned images rather than some scenic photos of models.

Consistency play an important role and the content should be prepared keeping in mind the factors like uniqueness, usefulness, in accordance to the trend and fascinating also.

4. Enhancing User Account

This is also an important step to consider while trying to figure out on gaining free Instagram followers. As in point 3, the pages created for the specific purpose should be seen in whatever is posted for the brand. There should be uniqueness in the images or videos, texts or contents. Without proper image captions, username or profile image, it is difficult to observe the account related to the brand. In order to gain traffic for the website, there is a need to improve the bio.

In order to get started, it is better that the bio page is linked to the product pages that correspond specific keywords or related hashtags. Creating the sites that are pleasant is far more effective in giving users a cheering experience. They would repeatedly visit the page and even involve their friends to do so.

Similarly, a short, pleasant username attracts users more than a longer username. Audience can easily remember as well as recognize the short, precise username easily. Also, numbers, characters or other unwanted things should be completely avoided.

5.Collaborate With All Your Followers

free instagram followers instantly

Interaction with the followers is an important thing as it involves the users directly with the brands and the content. A properly involved user pays more attention to the brand and connect with the contents.

This has the benefit that the account is not only visible to the users but it also motivates other people to follow the brand. In the beginning, the interaction is easy but as soon as the whispering starts, the process becomes tedious.

Some of the ways where the marketers or companies may interact with the users may be listed as follows:

A. prepare as per the audience perspective.

B. adopt easy to follow tactics.

C. use truly costumed presentation as per users’ interests.

D. use appropriate humor where applicable.

E. provide users a well explained and detailed solution to gain their trust.

Once the user is satisfied, they enjoy reading the article and recommending others also. Also they will provide proper recommendation where necessary and always feel the company as his own family member. Brands need to respect their users’ feelings.

Whenever there are complaints on the Instagram accounts and other social sites of the brands, the company should try to resolve them with best solutions. Response to the public comments should be done in a friendly manner and timely as well.

6.Post Content With Effective Hashtags

One of the perfect ways to grab the attention of new users towards the brand is effective hashtags. Hashtags can be taken as a way to link social media content to a particular event, topic or conversation. They also make it easier to discover posts around those concerned topics.

free instagram followers app

Why use hashtags?

  • An opportunity to build the brand
  • Increased engagement with the followers
  • to contextualize what to discuss about without the use of repetitive captions
  • A way to show support for the social matters
  • An effective way to help users find the brand

In order to boost free Instagram followers, using hashtags consistently becomes difficult. Similarly there is often chance of getting unnoticed while using famous hashtags.

It is necessary that some researches or inspections are done to find out the most useful hashtags for the content, their posts volume, etc. Every hashtag needs to be well researched.

For example, if the post is about cars, hashtags concerning the fashion or the food will not work at all. Only the hashtags concerned with the cars will work. This will help target relevant users and get appreciable followers. it is necessary to filter out the hashtags that the competitors apply in their posts and the limit also needs to be checked. It is better to use upto 10 hashtags.

7. Post Exciting and Qualitative Content

Generating a deep, quality and an original content is an important practice of business in any sector. The content created expresses the message, educates the users and influence them to purchase the products ahead of the competitors’ products.

buy instagram followers

Truly, providing high quality content that includes even some humors and funny things will surely attract clients and create enthusiasm in the brands.

Why is quality content important?

The following points sort the importance of quality contents:

  1. It helps build trust among the users
  2. To brand oneself as an expert in the concerned field
  3. It promotes web optimization for the websites
  4. To attract new users
  5. As a part of the marketing campaign
  6. It elevates the brand
  7. To increase the market share
  8. To build interest and intrigue in users.

While creating the contents, it is worthful it is exciting and can recreate the audience. Prime thing is that the post should be unique, to the point, and interesting also. Our friends, colleagues and relatives may help us in creating some useful original contents. Internet may also be searched for the information.

8. Post Consistently

Once followers start pursing a brand they are eager to know what’s next. If a person is not having many followers on Instagram then he should know that he is not posting the contents on a regular basis.

The magic here is that users need to provide the quality posts regularly. Some of the reasons why posting contents on regular basis is important can be revealed as under:

A. It adds credibility to a brand’s name.

B. It is an important thing in SEO.

C. It helps in building good relations with the existing customers.

D. It keeps the brand well organized.

E. It helps in gaining more customers.

For this quality rather than the quantity is important. As for the interesting materials on Instagram, users should be well aware of the use of filters, grids, Instagram stories, camera settings etc.

9. Sharing selfies

Since Instagram is a primarily photo sharing app, people post millions of selfies regularly. Once followers pursue a brand or a person then s/he want connect with brands with their nice selfies and expect they would also exchange too.

free instagram followers

Sharing selfies is important for a brand since:

  1. It helps to promote the brand and increase credibility.
  2. Brands can express their gratitude for the feedbacks sent by the followers. These feedbacks are important to improve the missing.
  3. Sharing selfies creates a mutual relationship between the brand and the follower intact.
  4. It enhances the self-esteem of the brand companies or the user themselves.
  5. It assures fast account growth.

How to make Instagram selfies great?

1. Good lightning is important. Concentrate on the good lighting.

2.  Avoid shadows.

3. Take sufficient number of selfies.

4. Using proper filters like Valencia, Amaro.

5. Avoid over editing.

6. Concentrate on natural expressions.

7. Try to keep interesting backgrounds.

10. Launch Cross-Promotion

How to get the followers know that the brand is on Instagram? Cross-promotion is the idea. It is the act of creating a content and then posting it to one or two social media sites. This then gets promoted across other platforms.

free Instagram followers tool

Unlike cross-posting, cross-promoted article is suitable for every social media sites. There is no cheating with the loyal followers and users stay intact with the brand since they are aware of the content.

As for the Instagram, the users just need to post some genuine, dedicated, original contents on IG to Facebook and other networking sites. However, the most popular cross-promotion is Instagram (IG) to Facebook (Fb) and vice versa. Studies too reveal that photos posted from IG to Fb and vice versa get more engagement than individually published photos. Users may engulf IG photo to their Fb page for additional exposure.

For any option, users may change their Facebook Page preferences from the Instagram mobile app by going to:
Settings → Linked Accounts → Facebook → Share to → Choose a page

Users may also repost other bloggers for their top posts and nice contents. This is also a part of Instagram strategy. This will help to increase the follower as well as the brand awareness.

11.  Write Longer Captions As They Are Trending

In order to get free followers on Instagram quickly, users may develop good posts with long form captions. It definitely captivates the spotlight of the followers.

Ig followers app

Instagram captions are the written descriptions of the Instagram images to elaborate the context. They include hashtags, emoji as well as tags.

How to write Instagram captions?

  1. Instagram Caption Character limit: 

The upper limit is upto 2200 characters which more or less equals 320 words. This is really an advantage.

2. Asking for something:

This makes the audience feel that the brand is too concerned for its followers. It strengthens the relationship between the brand and followers. All good Instagram captions get people sharing and talking.

3. Analyzing some good Instagram captions first:

For approaching the best Instagram captions first users need to generate short list of ideas and search for inspiring hashtags. They should be able to generate such captions that works the best for their selfies.

4. Using Emojis

For a limited audience, users may prefer emoji that send a message across without accurately saying anything. It is also a better way to hint for the upcoming announcement.

12. Seek Videos, Stories and Live Videos

Instagram began its journey as a photo-sharing application. Now it is loaded with many other essential features like stories, videos and live videos. Individuals or brands may create a variety of wonderful contents for their followers.

The use of videos is increasing than the use of photos or images as it is quite appealing. But Instagram users are not utilizing this feature to their full capability.

free instagram followers

Before creating a video, users should bear in mind some important factors like setting clear goals, creating proper content, great image vision and color variety.

Users may add hashtags in the captions of their videos. To tag a video with a hashtag, users need to:

  1. Upload the video.
  2. Select to add a filter and then click Next.
  3. Click  Write a caption… and type # followed by emoji or text e.g. #fruits
  4. Click Share.

Similarly, Instagram live permits its users to join with the follower in a stylish manner. It is very convenient to discuss with the follower and answer their queries.

Live video on the Instagram assures the transparency and there is a sense of importance about the contents and matters. Besides, there is proper tracking of the achievement made.

Instagram stories is an important social media strategy. With Instagram stories, users may share the stories in different social networks, download amazing stories and view the stories of users anonymously. Nearly 400 million people use Instagram stories.

If the users want to upgrade the level of IG stories, they should strengthen the texts, properly integrate elements and properly use applications to publish photos.

13. Promoting Instagram Contents on Other Platforms

We already discussed about the cross promotion of contents however the users need to think the Instagram strategy  as a mode of widening marketing practices and growing outside of the application.

Here we will discuss some of the tips to initiate the cross promoting the Instagram contents on other platforms:

free instagram followers instantly

1. By combining the Instagram Feed into the Website Design which is an easy way to get more Instagram followers. E.g.  In WordPress, there are multiple plugins that helps users integrate the Instagram Feed into the Website Design. This also make followers follow the websites again and again.

2. Attracting Followers to ‘Know More’ on Instagram

On platforms like Instagram, users may invite their followers to check out their exclusive Instagram sharing. E.g. if the users possess latest auto parts, he could share a preview of collection on some social media platform and invite the viewers to unleash the whole collection on Instagram stories.

3. By adding user Instagram for Email promotion campaigns which enhances the no.of Instagram followers.


14. How about an IGTV series?

free instagram followers

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a popular Instagram’s long-form video stage. Users may use this great tool for their brand’s Instagram marketing strategy. It was launched in 2018 and possess some great features as:

a. It is longer than the Instagram stories. Verified users can upload upto one hour long videos.

b. It is an advantageous stage. Innovative creators can use the tool to design awesome videos. The best thing is that they can create IGTV series where users may release series of great videos on scheduled intervals. This also motivates the followers to watch the video properly rather than just give a glimpse.

c. It has enhanced discoverability. Instagram creators can share one minute previews of their IGTV videos on their posts. This is good for the users that they can remain with their followers without leaving the app.

Users may establish IGTV series with the Instagram app or the IGTV app or via the desktop. There are three ways you can set up a series on IGTV:

  • Via the Instagram app
  • Via the IGTV app
  • Through your desktop

A successful IGTV series may the followers are engaged for a long time. For this the users must be aware of the time factor, proper planning and using branded hashtags.

15. Applying right filters

If the users are thinking adopting proper and branded hashtags will do the work then they need to reconsider their mindset. Choosing the right filters is more important than this.

Studies show using preferred filters shows great impact on the engagement of the followers. Certain filters are also favored by the Instagram which the users really work on. Some of the most popular filters on Instagram may be listed as below:

  1. Clarendon
  2. Gingham
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Mayfair
  6. Sierra
  7. Valencia
  8. Walden

16. Initiating an AR filter

Facebook introduced the Augmented reality (AR) filters in 2017. These are the computer-originated are computer-generated effects that are filmed over the real image. As for the Instagram stories, the AR filter changes the image of the front or the back camera.

free instagram followers

Unlike preset filters, Instagram AR filters are the mutual elements only for Instagram Stories.

In May 2019, Facebook introduced  Spark AR Studio platform for its users to develop customized AR filters. This has helped users to develop some great reality effects for Instagram stories.

Why develop AR filters for Instagram Stories?

Nearly 65% of the AR users are the youngsters from 18 to 29. Some of the advantages of the AR filters may be taken as under.

1. Custom AR filters can reflect the playful tone for the brand if properly created. This will stand unique from the competitors.

2. Custom AR filters are the modern interactive component for the Instagram stories.

3. Still custom AR filters are new features, they can be used for initial trials as self-promotion and support for social causes also.

4. By adding the brand’s logo into an AR filter, users may share filtered selfies which will give positive exposition for the brand.

17. How about advertising on Instagram?

In Instagram, advertisements act as regular posts and are friendly to followers. They act as a powerful method to reach to the new followers fast.

free instagram followers

Advertising on Instagram is an effective method for the users to connect with the potential customers and achieve goals like sending traffic to the website, boost website conversations and increasing amount of app engagement.

Why advertise on Instagram?

  • Instagram is quite popular, huge, fast-growing community.
  • As Instagram and Facebook are connected, it’s convenient to aim the followers based on Facebook data.
  • Instagram ads are not interfering and they look the same as regular posts.
  • As all the generations and setup are accessed by the Facebook. So the work from Instagram becomes easy.
  • The setup and creation of ads are done through Facebook, making it super easy.
  • For Instagram, the engagement rate  is quite higher than the engagement rate on any other social media sites especially for purchasing purposes.

18. Geotagging Posts

free instagram followers

Instagram defines the ‘Geotagging’ as a function for storing the latitude and longitude of the user’s present location with their photo/image. The data is collected by the GPS device in their phone or tablet and is accessible to Instagram if they grant permission.

There are 3 types of geotagging in Instagram: Posts, Stories and Hashtags. Geotagging is one of the easiest and underutilized tools in Instagram marketing. The advantages of Geotagging are:

1. Adding geotags to a photo map displays the locations of each of the tagged photos.

2. By adding a geotag to the photo, it allows the users photo to be found anytime an Instagram follower clicks on the same geotag on another photo.

3. Industry-specific hashtags can really help target a more niche audience

4. Most social networks and their related services use some form of geotagging to track the location of their subscribers.


19. Developing Contents that are Shareable

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Users should try to make their contents enjoyable, strong on emotions, pleasant, humorous, shareable in nature etc. Easily written contents that are simple with words and language are quickly perceived by the viewers. Having the ability to send a post in a single click means users increase their reach manifold. Example:  how to make a chocolate cake in 10 minutes!

20. Promoting User Participation

One of the effective method to grow follower numbers on Instagram is to promote user participation. In order to improve the Instagram strategy, it is important to boost engagements on posts, stories or videos. Here are some ways to boost the Instagram engagement:

  1. Develop readable contents.
  2. Begin conversations with Instagram Stories stickers
  3. Check & analyze new content on regular basis
  4. Add humorous elements too.
  5. Promote Instagram Stories shares
  6. Open up about users brand and business
  7. Share data  audience love
  8. Write longer captions
  9. Be cautious with the hashtags

10. Program Instagram Stories to get more views

11. Originate video contents for user’s grid

21. Connecting with other brands

Users should invite other individuals or brands to come on one platform and develop contents for their page. This is a positive setback that can bring variety for the contents including for the new followers.

Actually this is beneficial for both the parties since users share their experiences which is quite fascinating for the followers.

22. Search for the Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a free feature that analyzes the users’ content without leaving the app. The data obtained aids in learning more about the followers, how they are going on with the contents and about the performance of the advertisements.

These type of contents guide the users to create the type of contents they need to publish within a reasonable time. You find helps you learn more about your audience, what content is engaging them, and how your ads are performing.

 Use this valuable information to guide the type of content you create for your audience and when you publish it.

How to access the Instagram insights that matters the most?

1. By analyzing the follower behavior and demographics.

2. By viewing data for individual or multiple posts and filter the post data by content type, metrics or time limit.

3. By evaluating Instagram stories data

4. By checking paid promotions data.

23. Go for an Instagram Analytics Tool

With the increase in Instagram usage for marketing purposes, various tools are used for the very purpose. Instagram analytics tools track all the main data points of a user’s Instagram account while providing real-time insights into a user-friendly dashboard. Some include engagements, follower growth, competitor accounts, hashtag actions, post-performance insights, the share of voice, etc. Some of the most popular Instagram Analytics tools are:

1. Simply Measured

2. Owlmetrics

3. Sprout Social

4. Iconosquare

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5. HypeAuditor

6. Squarelovin

8. Keyhole

9. SocialRank


24. Stealing competitors’ followers

By engaging with the followers of the nearest competitors’, one can attract and find a new following. Followers start showing curiosity in the products. This way they could get some more benefits from the brands they opt for.

There are various ways to engage with the competitors’ followers. More the followers, more the repeated engagement users would get of it.

The three basic engagements on Instagram are:

  • Follow a user
  • Like a photo
  • Comment the  photo


 So we discussed on some of the most efficient methods on ‘How to get free followers on Instagram?’ The methods are quite easy and there are  varying options.

If any of the methods are not working, just go for the other. Share this article with your friends and tell them to comment on this very topic ‘How to get free followers on Instagram’.

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