hack instagram password
Figure: Instagram

Tired of searching easy methods to hack Instagram account / password? If yes, then you have logged on the right site where we will be providing some excellent methods to hack Instagram account / password. In this ultimate guide, users will learn how to hack Instagram account for free provided the methods need not be used in unnecessary way.

Instagram is one of the leading social networking site apps in the present time with estimated followers of more than 1 billion. It has been a magnificent way for the users to share their photos, images, and videos to their community and find what they are up to. The application has been extensively used by people of all age groups especially youngsters from the age of 18-19 years. Instagram was first created by Mike Kroeger and Kevin Systrom in 2010 in San Fransisco and was officially launched for the iPhone as ‘Burbn’.

In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram rights for an estimated deal of a billion dollars. Today Instagram has around 1 billion active users.

With years going, many extensive features has been included in Instagram so as to facilitate the users such as Hashtags, Explore, photographic filters like Lux, Lumen, Aden etc, Instagram Direct, IGTV, and many more. Instagram is prospering exponentially with a user base on everyday basis that stands adjacent to Facebook and Twitter.

Methods to hack the Instagram password

Along with the development of science and technology, human life is fostering every day in all aspects. But too much interventions of technologies has created too much turmoil on people’s life regarding their education, health, entertainment, business, marketing, social areas etc. The impact of social networking sites is also very high because of their improper or excessive use. Instagram is no different.  While this site allows users quote posts, understand demographics, practice visual marketing, engage with the customers apart from uploading and sharing contents, on the other hand, there has been too much concerns regarding the privacy factor and security threats for the followers regarding the suspicious conducts.

Instagram has been a great platform for many hackers to swipe out many valuable information from the accounts with the motive of selling. Especially it becomes too serious when it affects one’s social or personal relationships. That’s why people need to observe the routines of their family members and beloved ones for their care and safety. Even if the Instagram team is regularly updating the tasks to increase the efficiencies, there has always been some user-based hurdles that can’t be ignored. One of the most disputed concern is the malicious approach for the Instagram password. The Instagram password may be hacked by any person at any time. Then it becomes a necessity to access the passwords covertly secretly especially when one is targeted by cyberbullies and predators.

Why do people hack Instagram password?

There are many reasons for this but we discuss here some of the most probable reasons:

  • To check if  the spouse Is Cheating
  • Observe what the  children are doing
  • To keep an eye on employee
  • To Steal  Personal Information

How to hack the Instagram password then??

hack instagram password
figure: hack Instagram password

Before heading to discuss this topic of hacking Instagram account / password, it should be set in mind that the methods discussed below are meant to be used only with purpose of necessity. The writers bear no responsibility for any type of misuse or distribution of the information. It is totally unethical to hack any other’s site as it seriously disturbs the personal and social life.

1.  Hack Instagram account / password using ighack?

how to hack Instagram password

Probably one of the simplest methods to hack the Instagram account / password without getting noticed for free. This is an online tool so there is no need to download the app. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Users need to adopt the following steps to hack the Instagram password using this app:

1. First, visit the ighack’s website You will get the page as shown above. Click on ‘Start hacking’.

2. It will open the following interface. Insert the targeted username and provide your email. Then click on ‘Hack’.

hack instagram password

3. In order to get access to password, human verification may be required. Provide the information and that’s it. The password of the targeted person is available for you.

2 .  Hack Instagram password using InstaRipper password recovery app?

hack instagram password

InstaRipper is one of the most promising application for any Instagram follower. Users can recover their lost account in just few minutes. It has a well-known hacking method called “Brute-force attack” that controls all the program activity.

As InstaRipper possesses its own VPN server, it oozes virtual IP addresses to make cracking attempts unlimited. It connects to the server by itself every time the user runs it. It’s very easy and user friendly. Insta-Ripper also removes cookies from the default browser automatically after completing the task . Password cracking time depends on the password strength, CPU of the device and the internet speed. The software works with all operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS and is applicable on almost all smartphones, laptops and tablets.

3.  Hack Instagram account / password using

With also, hacking is very easy and simple. It is easily downloadable and users can set in the device that will help to obtain the password from the allocated account. After the installation, users need to fill a form with the username from the chosen account and then go for the ‘Check bank Account’. Within some time, they will obtain the account security password. This method works effectively and is fast to obtain the password in the Instagram account.

hack instagram password
how to hack Instagram password crack

Here’s the schematic diagram how the Instaleak works:

1.  Submit the victim’s username.

2. Verify the Instagram Username.

3. Once the username is verified, hacking process is successful.

4. Hack Instagram account / password using phishing method:

One of the oldest and common method of account / password hacking is the phishing method. Because of its easiness and effectiveness, it is quite popular among the users. In this method, users need to create a ‘fake’ login page that is recognized as official Instagram page. The user adds details into the page and then only may be read whoever owns the page. Various ways may be adopted implementing the Instagram phishing method in order to hack the Instagram account.

One of the method is the dodging email method where user will get an email that appears to be coming from the Instagram itself directing to change the password of the account. New users often get dodged by this method.similarly another way of phishing is creating a fake third-party apps that shows a user may manage the Instagram account by gaining the followers. As soon as the users enter their details, hackers will grab all details and hence hack the password.  

4.Creating an Instagram Phishing Page

Any user can create his/her own Instagram phishing page following the guidelines given as under: even it will help to retrieve the account from the hackers.

  1. Downloading  Files

Initially a file called as ‘Index.htm’ has to be downloaded followed by the downloading of the file called as ‘Hack.php’.

  • Creating  Web-Hosting Account

Users need to create a web hosting account for the website to host the phishing page on. Users may get free and paid options that is available for hosting.

  • Adding  the Files to  Web-Hosting Server

Once the users log in the webhosting server, they need to download the files in the server. For this go to the ‘manage website’ section that gets visible when logged on where there is ‘upload website’ option. This allows users drag and drop the files. In the file manager w see a directory ‘public html’. Here the users may upload the files.

  • Testing the  Phishing Page

Now the time comes to check if the phishing page is working properly. Right click the file on the “index.htm” file. Then click on view. The web browser will show the exact URL of the page. Users should copy this page and keep as target page. This is the required link that is sent to the targeted person so as to hack the password . Any passwords that may be entering by going through the URL will do the work.


So that was our article on ‘ how to hack Instagram password?’. The methods are quite easy and problem solving. Share this article with your friends and write to us about their suggestions or comments.

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