With the global access of Twitter, one major concern among its users is ‘How to delete tweets in twitter?’ Why is this issue?  Probably, dignity is the biggest concern. In this article, we will discuss some of the finest tools to tackle this tickling problem ‘How to delete tweets in twitter?’ Read the article till the end for full information but first, we start with some basics.

Delete Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site that allows its users to send and receive short messages or short posts which are popularly called tweets. Basically Twitter is a microblogging system for distributing short messages or posts through the PC or Mac and mobile telephone. It assimilates various facets of social networking websites like Facebook to build networks of users. The users may communicate with their short posts throughout their time in the form of tweets. Tweets may vary on subjects and include links to pertinent sources. Typically twitters may be up to 280 characters long ranging from short news to short jokes.

Twitter was first generated in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Biz Stone and it was officially instigated in July 2006. This social site has been uplifting with some great features. There are nearly 330m monthly active users and 145 million daily users. Nearly 1.3 billion accounts have been created. Taylor Swift is the most influential person on Twitter and Barack Obama has the most followers.

Why people use Twitter?

Indeed social sites like Twitter are luring people with their functions. There are several reasons why people use one of this fastest growing site. With twitter, people can

1. Connect too many people through tweets and retweets effectively and efficiently.

2. Search to check out the recent and groundbreaking happenings.

3. Foster their research easily viz. by providing links to articles, news items etc.

4. Relate the work of other specialist in their area.

5. Maintain healthy relations with experts and other followers

6. Stay updated with latest information and share it promptly.

7. Reach to the new audiences.

8. Keep upto date with latest happenings and developments.

9. Follow and contribute to the various events as well as developments.

Delete Tweets on Twitter

Fig: logging in to Twitter before going on ‘ how to delete tweet in twitter’

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Twitter

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter:


1.  As famous celebrities stay connected with the Twitter, users have chance to get connected with them.

2. Unlike other sites, users need not face problem with a bunch of advertisements.

3. As Twitter is fast. So people doing sorts of business will receive the tweet immediately regarding different campaigns.

4. Twitter is very easy to use so users can follow the people to get the news and updates.

5. Users can create various interesting stuffs using embedded tweet option present in Twitter.


1. Twitter is not popular with the video content so users cannot upload the videos.

2. Twitter is no longer applicable if the users wish to express something long beyond Twitter limit.

3. There are many fake accounts so there are chances of cheating or harassment.

4. Twitter is not as productive as Facebook in gaining the traffic. Also there is spam problem with the Twitter.

Reasons so as to delete tweet on twitter

Some of the probable reasons why people think to delete tweet on twitter may be stated as under:

1. Sometimes users want to start newly with their Twitter account as an innovation or in a new direction.

2. May be the user tweeted something unpopular or inferior type so s/he need to clean the tweets especially the personal brands.

3.   If the users are opting towards the new job, they may feel to delete tweet on Twitter.

4. When there is vocabulary error or some misspelled words. Users feel to delete the account and retweet the same information.                         

Now, How to delete tweet on Twitter?

how to delete all your tweets on twitter fast

Fig. depicting tweet deletion on twitter

After a long use of twitter account or because of some disappointing or deplorable posts that are continuously haunting, users feel it’s time to delete the tweets. The users may feel that it is time to take break from inconvenient posts and clean the profile for all the possible threats because of distrust. 

The option provided by the Twitter to delete tweet on Twitter account is not an immediate process. Initially there is temporary deletion or deactivating the Twitter account. Users have the choice to reactivate the account before 30 days. After 30 days, the Twitter account is deleted forever. There is no formal comeback and the tweets won’t appear in the main streamline. Retweets also get deleted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Before users plan to delete tweet on twitter, users need to be properly prepared, download the tweet archive and back up the tweets and have clear intention whether to deactivate or delete permanently.  If only few tweets are to be deleted, this can be done manually using Twitter search where the displeasing tweets may be hunt down and deleted. But if hundreds or even thousands of tweets are to be deleted then users need to access tools. However, these tools allow to delete 3200 tweets in maximum once a time. So the tools need to run repeatedly for more than 3200 tweet batches. Let’s discuss some efficient tools to delete the tweets in a twitter account:

1. Tweet Deleter To Delete Tweets On Twitter

Delete Tweets on Twitter

Fig: Tweet Deleter on how to delete tweet in twitter

Tweet Deleter is one of the best tool in the world that permits the users to easily search and delete their tweets. More than 6 hundred thousand Twitter users are this tool. Some of the salient features of this tool are:

1. Browse all tweets fast: even the 8 years old tweets may be browsed and found out. Just to choose the date or keyword or media type to find the tweets in seconds.

2. Multiple deleting:  Select multiple tweets with one click and delete at once.

3. Automatic tweet deleting:  The tweets may be scheduled to delete based on the preferences of the user.

4. Delete full history: Just select a date from and to and that’s it , get all the tweets within the date deleted in a second.

5. Various search options: there are different search options like search by keyword, search by tweet type, search by tweet date or search by media type.

2. TwitWipe To Delete Tweets On Twitter

                        Fig: TwitWipe tool to delete tweet on twitter

TwitWipe is a tool to wipe or delete all the tweets in one go. For any sort of nonsensical tweets, TwitWipe is the ultimate answer.

Just sign in using twitter and get ‘TwitWipe this account’ button and a confirmation. Doing so will create a new user id. All the followers and followees and flurries will be remain intact and all the tweets will also be removed.

The only problem with this tool is that the process is not instantaneous. Since the tool is popular among the users and too many people are wiping so it may take a while for wiping tweets.

3. Tweet Delete

                     Fig: Tweet Delete tool to delete tweet on twitter

A similar tool is Tweet Delete where users delete their Twitter posts in bulk based on their age or specific text they contain. It can run once or automatically on a schedule. This tool is highly effective in quick sweeping of tweets.

To delete tweet on twitter with Tweet Delete:

  • Sign in with the Twitter from the homepage where users need to agree the terms of service before authorizing the app. After this a new window will pop up where users need to click on ‘Authorize app’ to proceed.
  • Tweet Delete will give an option to delete tweets ranging upto a year. Users can delete tweets that are within a year but should be less than 3200. Now the user need to click on ‘Activate TweetDelete’. The deletion is permanent and irreversible.

Tweet delete is extremely fast but the problem is deleting massive amounts of tweets in a single sweep could take some time and lead to major bugs.

4. Circleboom

Fig: Circleboom tool to delete tweet on twitter

Circleboom is one of the best social media tools to upload the tweet archives, set filters and delete the Twitter history. The tool automatically delete tweets history. Accordingly , users can delete old tweets, replies and retweets all at once. Simply users can search any keywords and the tool will display list of tweets that has keyword. The tweets may be deleted one by one or in bulk. The tool has both free and paid versions. If users need to delete limited tweets then the free version is capable to do the work.

5. Cardigan

Delete Tweets on Twitter

                       Fig: cardigan tool to delete tweet on twitter

Cardigan is a simple web app that scans the users Twitter history to identify tweets that the users feel to has a clean and mesmerizing user-interface. Like above explained tools, with cardigan also users can delete up to 3200 tweets at one time

Final words

So the above mentioned tools can solve the query on ‘how to delete tweets in twitter?’ no need to worry for the displeasing tweets of the past, just head on with these methods and enjoy the benefits of deleting tweets in Twitter.

All the tools have like features, just pick and try them and delete the unwanted tweets. Finally do share this article on ‘how to delete tweets in Twitter?’ and share your comments with us.

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