How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On WhatsApp 2021?

Is WhatsApp your first choice for messaging and sharing contents? Chances are you may have sometimes seen problem about getting blocked on the WhatsApp. In this article, we discuss some methods and third-party applications on ‘How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?’

WhatsApp Messenger popularly called WhatsApp, is truly an outstanding and one of the most popular American cross platform Voice over IP (VoIP) and messaging application developed by former employees of Yahoo Company, Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. 

WhatsApp permits the users  to create group texts, do chatting, send and receive documents, share videos and photos, and engage in private conversations throughout  day and night with their friends and the family members. They can also make voice and video calls with their loved ones.

This app is accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. For the desktop computers the mobile devices should be connected to the internet and the users need to provide standard mobile number for the registration of the service.

Facebook acquired the rights of WhatsApp in 2014 with an approximate deal of US $19.3 billion. In 2015, WhatsApp became the world’s most popular social messaging application. It has more than 2 billion active users as of February, 2020.

One thing for sure is that most of the people who possess smartphones will definitely have WhatsApp installed.

Because of its numerous purposes, WhatsApp has been a popular messaging app throughout the globe since its launch days. The free services of this app help its users to connect with the people all over the world to communicate for the business and personal purposes.

Some Important features of WhatsApp:

The features of WhatsApp are its advantages also. We have mugged up the most important features of WhatsApp that also serve as the advantage of using this application for multiple purposes:

  1. WhatsApp is completely free to use. Just install the application and start the application for usage.
  2. Users can send text messages instantly for free.
  3. There is the availability of voice calling and video calling.
  4. The application is very to use.
  5. There are no ads on the display screen.
  6. Users may send document files such as PDF, Slideshows, etc. up to the size of 100Mb.
7. Users may hide WhatsApp group photos and videos from gallery.

8. There is provision of securing WhatsApp using Fingerprint lock.

9. Users can read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

10. They can auto answer WhatsApp messages.

11. There is provision of sharing live location( Real Time) for 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours.

12. Users may a sign different priority and sound to different notifications.

13. WhatsApp also works without sim card . For this the user must register the mobile number.

14. Users need not pay any money for sharing and chatting with their friends but they need to pay an internet charge.

15. Users may change their number to another number without losing their existing WhatsApp account.

16. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption feature that makes WhatsApp communication highly secure.

17. There is now a provision for using the app directly in a web browser and Desktop System (Windows, macOS).

18. Users may Pin conversation or make shortcuts.

19. They may check exactly when a particular person read their WhatsApp message.

20. Using WhatsApp, users can transfer files between PC and Phone.

21. They can set privacy options and back up their data on Google Drive and many more…..

Some of the disadvantages of WhatsApp

Depending on the usage, WhatsApp possess some disadvantages also.

  1. Users must have internet access to send and receive messages for free.
  2. Due to constant messaging, it is sometimes very unpleasant.
  3. There is always a risk that the spouse may read the messages.
  4. Every person having the contact number can see the profile picture.
  5. Since the person gets too much used to this app, he becomes an addicted to this application.
  6. Users need to share their number in case they want to add someone and communicate.

What does blocking someone on WhatsApp mean?

This lock feature of WhatsApp is quite popular among the Android and iOS users. When someone is blocked on WhatsApp, they no longer receive messages, calls or any sorts of notifications. Someone who have been on the WhatsApp won’t be able to see when they were last online and neither their messages get delivered. In short, the blocked person will not be notified of the move.

The good thing with the blocking process is that it is not irreversible. This means the person who blocked someone can also unblock the target. All they have to do is access the WhatsApp setting and clear the blocking.

After getting unlocked, things become as they were before. Users may see their profile again and check the status, updates and the information concerned with the last access. Similarly, they can communicate with the person through calls, video calls, voice messages, text etc.

Privacy Settings & Access Controls in WhatsApp

There are four sorts of privacy attributes that are accessed by WhatsApp for its users which is quite relevant to our topic. Each of these listed attributes possesses different levels of access. These attributes are as below:

1. Everyone (visible to all)

2. Contacts Only (visible to users contacts alone)

3. Nobody (visible to nobody )

Out of these, there is a general trend that users set their attributes mostly the profile photo to ‘Everyone’ mode with a view that others could know their details. While there are users also who prefer to keep their profile details to ‘Contacts Only’. Very few are the users like the nucleus in between the electrons of Fluorine prefer to keep their profile details in ‘Nobody’ mode.

 Now to the principal theme:

How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

The methods explained below provide a descent hint that the user has been blocked on the WhatsApp. These methods may not be 100% definitive but may show some way towards proper solution. All the methods explained below are relevant to the WhatsApp Web and runs well on all versions on all of the devices.

Method 1: Using the ‘Last Seen’ Statistics

The foremost thing that the user may do to understand if they have been blocked by a person is to look at their ‘Last Seen’ statistics. Last Seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp. Users need to consider the following things while checking the last seen statistics.

1. Sort out the suspected contact in WhatsApp. Just open the chat and look for the user’s name. The Last Seen status is visible under the user’s name and this shows the user is not blocked. However, if the user sees no ‘last seen’ status, chances are s/he may have been blocked.

To confirm, follow these steps:

  1. On the main tab, tap on the three dots on the upper corner of the right side.
  2. Go to the Settings. Under Settings, search the Account and then see the Privacy.
  3. The ‘Last Seen’ may be either ‘Everyone’ or ‘My Contacts’. If by mistake the user switched ‘Last Seen’ to ‘Nobody’, then s/he may not have access to the information.

One important thing to note is that the absence of these statistics is not strong proof of blocking. This function in WhatsApp accesses users to hide the last status to their contacts.

Method 2: No alteration in profile picture

As for WhatsApp, people are more likely to show their profile picture than showing their ‘Last Seen’ statistics.

In order to apply this technique, user may open the profile of the suspected contact and just check their profile picture. If the user could not see the profile picture, then probably the user has been blocked.

If the users see their contact with the same old profile picture that remained for a long time, then chances are the users are blocked. They may not be able to see their changes in the profile picture. The users may not also be able to see the last seen status.

Similarly, another reason that the users may not be able to see the status or profile picture could be the change in Settings. WhatsApp permits its users to limit profile picture or last seen status. May be the users have just reset the Privacy Settings to ‘Only me’. So it is not always sure that they have been blocked.

Method 3: How about Calling or Texting?

( A ) Try Calling:

In this there may be two probable reasons for being blocked on WhatsApp. The first thing is that the user is consistently calling someone on WhatsApp and isn’t getting the answer. Surely, the user will hear the ringing tone while calling but there would be no reply from the other end.

The second thing is that there might be internet disconnection and WhatsApp requires an active internet connection to proceed

( B ) Try messaging:

Using the secondary WhatsApp account, the user may drop a message to the target from both accounts, and thus can check the results.

Whether the target person enables or disables ‘Read Receipts’, the messages that are received will be getting two grey double ticks. If there is a single tick instead of two, the message has reached successfully but yet to be received. If messages from the primary account show single tick, then chances are account has been blocked.

Method 4: Technique of checking Checkmarks/ticks

Users that are familiar with the usage of WhatsApp from a long period know that there are three types of checkmarks/ ticks at the bottom of the last content ( i.e. image or video or message etc. ).

The appearance of two grey ticks indicates that the user sent the message successfully but the receiver hasn’t open or read the message. If two blue ticks appear, the receiver has received, viewed and read the message.

However, the one grey tick indicates that the message has been delivered but not received. This suggests that the user has been blocked.

Chances are due to internet disconnection, there may be non-receiving of the messages. Once there is internet available and the target receives the message and sees itit, there will again be two ticks.

Method 5:Taking help of a secondary WhatsApp account

With the help of a secondary WhatsApp account also, the users may confirm if the target has blocked the user on WhatsApp. The user may use two varying versions of WhatsApp on their very phone or use two smartphones. One thing to consider as precaution is that the user need another phone number that should be unknown to the target person.

Method 6: Using third-party apps for tracking WhatsApp activity

There are some great third-party apps that can monitor the WhatsApp activity of the target on the behalf of the user.

The users need to provide the phone number of the target person and the below mentioned apps will begin the activity. Besides, the users will get the notification when the target will appear online. Let’s check the popular apps available for the Android and iOS versions.

  • XNSPY: Available for both the iOS and Android smartphones
  •  Netwa: Available for the iOS versions
  • mSpy: Available for both the iOS and Android smartphones
  • wOnline: Available for Android smartphones
  •  Highster Mobile: Available for both iOS and Android smartphones
  • WhatsActivity: Available for iOS phones.
  •  Flexispy: Available for both the iOS and Android smartphones
  • Appmia: Available for both the iOS and Android smartphones

Viewers may check the details of these apps and utilize them as per their convenience.


So we have come to the end of this article that explained ‘How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?’ The methods explained are quite common and easy to use. If viewers face any problem with any methods, they may opt for the next methods. The third-party apps mentioned are also excellent in tracking the activities of WhatsApp of the target person. Finally, share this article with your colleagues and tell us their comments on How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp by someone?

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