How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account 2023? Most Powerful Ways

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How to recover Gmail account? You might have deleted your Gmail account for some reason. With some easy and powerful ways, you may solve your query on ‘How to recover deleted Gmail account? We start with some basic introduction.

A Gmail account is a free email account developed by Google. It ends in It was created by American entrepreneur Paul Buchheit and was launched in April 1st, 2004.

Gmail integrates with some great Google services like Google Drive, Google Docs and YouTube and so on. Initially, Gmail offered the storage capacity of 1 gigabyte which has increased upto 15 gigabytes at present.

Similarly, users may send emails up to 25 megabytes and receive emails up to 50 megabytes. If users require to send files having a size larger than 25 MB, they may use Google Drive. At launch, Gmail had an initial storage capacity offer of one gigabyte per user, a significantly higher amount than competitors offered at the time. Today, the service comes with 15 gigabytes of storage.

Users can receive emails up to 50 megabytes in size, including attachments, while they can send emails up to 25 megabytes. In order to send larger files, users can insert files from Google Drive into the message.

Gmail account allows access to other Google applications like Photos, Maps, and YouTube. Google also provides premium business services through G Suite.

Gmail can be accessed from any device connectable to the internet. A Gmail account can only be managed by the individual account holders not by the organization’s IT administrator.

Currently, there are nearly 1.8 billion active users of Gmail worldwide making it the most popular email service globally.

Major features of Gmail account:

1. Initially, Gmail has the storage capacity of 1 GB which has now extended upto 15 GB.

2. The Gmail user interface  focusses on conversation and search threading of emails, grouping various messages in a single page between two or more people.

3. With spam filtering, Gmail provides its users get access to information that help the system identify similar future messages.

4. The Gmail Labs introduced in 2008 enable or disable features selectively and provide feedback about each of them. These feedbacks help Google engineers for further improvement in services.

5. Gmail has improved the search functionality to include auto-complete predictions from the user’s emails

6. The Gmail interface supports 72 major languages of the world.

7. Gmail’s “basic HTML” version almost runs on all browsers.

8. Gmail has native applications for the Android and the iOS devices.

9. Gmail has integration with great Google products like Google Hangout, Google Chat, Google Trips, and Google Buzz etc. that provide various facilities to the users.

Some great advantages of using Gmail account:

Let’s see the benefits of using the Gmail account in following points:

1. It’s completely free.

2. Users can organize their replies into conversations in chronological order. 

3. Users need not waste their time with junk and unwanted messages by clicking the SPAM button

4. Users get a lot of space for message storage so they can archive lots of messages that may be available for a long time.

5. Gmail may be accessed from any computers or the mobile phones that has the Internet access.

6. With keyboard shortcuts, users can have access to emails faster.

7. There is availability of various themes that users may use to customize the look of their Gmail account.

8. With ‘Search’ option, users may locate any message they are searching for no matter how old they are.

Why users might feel to delete their Gmail Account?

Why would a user need to delete their Gmail account? Here are the 5 possible reasons.

1. Users may be getting too many unwanted massages. In this case, users may be able to block the unwanted messages.

However, if there is too much spamming, then it may be a good reason to shut down the account and open a new account to avoid further troubles.

2. The account may have been hacked. Users should report the hacking to Gmail. They should report their contacts that no more mails would be received anymore. Then they may proceed to close the account and open a new account.

3. The Email is Full of Junk. If it has been long using the account, it may be a good option to start with a new email address.

4. An unused account for long is more prone to security risk.

5. May be the user opened a Gmail account during the teenage time and has grown up to thirties, then s/he may feel to open a fresh grown up account.

Main Consequences of Deleting Your Gmail Account 

Deleting a Gmail email account creates great affecting consequences. Here are some of the main consequences that users may see on deleting the Gmail account.

1. All the saved messages will be lost. Once the messages are lost, there is no way to get it back once the account is gone.

2. Once the account is closed, friends and clients may no longer be able to contact the user for any information through message.

3. Users may not be able to reset passwords for other accounts associated with the email address whether it may be bank account or social media account. However, users may have the option of trouble accessing the account.

 How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account?

If the users have deleted their Gmail account, they may some ways to get it back. Let’s discuss some methods and the steps involved to recover the deleted Gmail account.

Method 1: How to recover the deleted Gmail account with the help of phone number?

Following steps may be followed while recovering the deleted Gmail account with the help of phone number.

1. Go to the Gmail account. Type the username and then click on ‘Forgot Password’ option.

2. The user need to enter the old password they remember using their account. Most probably they may not be able to provide the password so they may opt for the ‘Try another way’.

3. In the next step, users need to enter their phone number registered with your Gmail account.

4. If they remember the phone number, they can enter it in the given box.

5. If the phone number is correct, a verification code will be sent to the number.

6. Users need to copy the code and enter it in the required field.

7. Next, a new page will appear on the screen which is password recovery page.

8. Users need to provide a password here. To confirm the password, they need to type it once more. Once the password is confirmed, the account is recovered.

Method 2: How to recover the deleted Gmail account with the help of an alternate email address?

Following steps are necessary in order to recover the deleted Gmail account with the help of alternate email address.

  1. Log into the Gmail page and enter the username.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ below the password box.
  1. The user need to enter the old password they remember using their account. Most probably they may not be able to provide the password so they may opt for the ‘Try another way’.
  2. As in step 3 before, they need to enter the registered phone number to recover the account.
  3. If they are unable to give the phone number, they may opt for “Try another method” option.
  1. Now the users will need to enter the primary email account registered in their Gmail account.
  2. Google will send a verification code to the email account.
  3. Users need to put the code in the required field to obtain the new password recovery page.
  1. Now they may type the new password. To confirm the password, they need to type it once more.

10. Next, click on the ‘end’ to finish the process. In this way they can recover their Gmail account with an alternate email address.

Method 3: How to recover the deleted Gmail account with the help of Google Takeout?

Google takeout was developed in June,2011 by Google Data Liberation Front. Google Takeout is an in-built data retrieval Google platform that allows users to export and import data from various Google products. In simple words, Google Takeout takes all the user’s existing Google data and merge them in a single file. This is easily downloadable.

With the help of Google Takeout:

  1. Users may export large no. of images for editing in their computers.
  2. Users may develop redundant archives of important files to store on other cloud services.
  3. By archiving old documents to physical hard drives, users may free up space on their Google Drive.

If the users have consistently downloaded their data using Google Takeout, they may restore the data into a new Google account whenever the account gets deleted permanently.

Google Takeout compiles 51 sorts of data that include photos, contacts, Gmail, bookmarks etc. including contacts, photos, Google Keep notes, Gmail, and bookmarks.

Some critical restrictions to recover the Google account data

1.  Google provides very specific time to recover the data. Administrators may recover the deleted user within 20 days while personal users have even lesser time to recover their account.

2. With features like Google Takeout, users need to regularly download the data otherwise there is huge data loss.

3. Users need to have additional tools and email clients to recover their account using Google Takeout and other features.

4. There is limitation to select recovery options.

5. These features are not useful for the business purposes and rely only for the individual users to back up their data.

Method 4: How to Recover Deleted Google Account Data Using Third-Party Applications?

Users may also opt for the third-party applications that help for the regular backup of the data and store them safely in the cloud. SysCloud is one of them.

SysCloud is one of the reliable and effective solution to recover the lost account data like deleted Gmail account without any effort. It has the provision of the automated cloud to restore and backup the data for an unlimited period.

SysCloud provides the option to restore data from one Google account to another easily with all folder structure intact and all sorts of sharing permissions.

Following are the steps users are necessary to adopt to restore the deleted files like Gmail account:

 Step1: If users wish to restore the specific files, they may use existing account. But if the users wish to restore the entire account data, they may create a new Google account.

One important thing is that users need to add their account to SysCloud application before they opt for cross-user restoration.

Step 2: Now they log in to the SysCloud account.

Step 3: Go to the “Backup” option in the menu bar. Here users need to choose “Archive & Restore” option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Users need to choose the user account they need to recover. On clicking the username, they will find all the services that have been backed up.

Step 5: Now, users may select the service they wish to recover and select all files.

Step 6: On the top left of the page, users need to click on the “Restore” button and then “All” option from the drop-down menu to restore the files. The system will ask the user to provide the account where they want to restore the data.

Step 7: After providing the account name, select ‘Restore’. All the files in the service including the deleted Gmail account will now be stored.

Note: SysCloud provides only service-level restore, therefore, users have to restore the account service by service. 


Finally, we come to the end of this article on ‘how to recover the deleted Gmail account?’ The methods explained are quite easy to apply. Users may also opt for the above mentioned third-party application. Share this article with your friends and write to us about their comments.

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