Are you crazy about taking photos on Instagram? Instagram is booming and so is the trend of taking photos. Instagram followers may have to face the problem of losing photos for some reason. This is a quite serious concern for those who really sort for their lost photos at various concerns.  In this article, we discuss ‘How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos?’ We have discussed some of the legit methods to recover the deleted Instagram photos.

Instagram is the most popular social media application among the people after Facebook. It was developed by Mike Kroeger and Kevin Systrom in 2010 and was launched for iPhone as ‘Burbn’. Facebook acquired Instagram rights in 2012.

Instagram is primarily used to share photos and videos online and has been increasingly used for sharing the contents among the users. The application may be used in almost all the operating systems whether that may be iOS or Android or Windows.

One of the best part of Instagram utilization is concerned with uploading and sharing the photos among the users. Users download and save lots of photos on their phones or computers. These photos in some way represent the cheerful and memorable moments of their life.

However, due to various reasons, the photos that are on the Instagram got lost or users may have deleted the photos. Now they may feel the need of the deleted photos and think to retrieve them back. So the question arises in the mind of the users ‘How can you recover deleted Instagram photos?’ Yes it is possible. In this article, we will discuss some of the legit ways to recover deleted Instagram photos.

Probable reasons for Instagram photo deletion

  1. Once the influencers receive a good no. of followers, they are cautious about their relationships with the followers so they start concentrating on quality content. For this, they start deleting their posts that have fewer likes.
  2. Sometimes users mistakenly reset their phones to the factory settings.
  3. The virus attacks on the phone also lead to data loss.
  4. There may be accidental deletion of the photos while the users delete unwanted files like pictures, videos, text messages, audio, contacts, and many more.
  5.  The malevolent system also cause files corruption and drop Instagram photos.

If we delete something, it’s totally gone. As for the Instagram, the contents are stored even after the deletion so chances are that the users may recover the deleted things including the photos.

Here, we discuss some of the methods to recover the deleted Instagram photos.

1. Using Phone Gallery to undelete Instagram photos

The first thing users may do is find their deleted Instagram photos from their phone gallery instead of looking hither and thither. Following steps may be followed:

1. Opening the Photos app:
This app can be seen on the home screen on searching. It resembles like a multicolored flower. If the feature is activated on Instagram for saving the posts, the users may find the photos taken from the Instagram app camera but not the entre posts that have been created.

2. Click the albums at the bottom of the screen which is next to ‘Search’ often the second from the right icon.

3. Click the Internal storage just below the  “Recent files” and “Categories.”

4. Next click on the Pictures. Users may need to scroll down to see the Pictures and then they need to click on the Instagram where they can see all the pictures from the app.

 Secondly, all the photos that are deleted are stored in ‘Recently Deleted folder’ where the photos stay for 30 days. In case the users need to restore the photos, there is a way to retrieve the photos back. Users may adopt following steps :

1. Click the ‘Photos’ on the iPhone and then select the album ‘Recently deleted folder’.

2. Users may see the deleted Instagram photos that were deleted in the past. They may click on the photo they wish to recover and tap ‘Recover’.

2.Refer Instagram Archive feature

For many users, the Instagram Archive feature may be a new term. However, this feature of Instagram is similar to the recycle bin of any system where users may recover deleted Instagram photos in clicks or hide any posts to avoid viewing from anyone. Instagram embedded this feature back in June 2017.

Till the posts are deleted from the Archive, users may recover them back. Users can archive a post that they have shared to hide the post from their profile. The feature preserves all its comments and likes. In order to archive a post, users may adopt following steps:

1.  In order to go to the profile, click on the profile picture at the bottom right or tap

2. Users may tap the post which they feel to archive.

3. At the top right tap on  in case of iPhone while for the Android tap on

4. Next just select ‘Archive’.

How to show archived posts on the user profile?

1.  In order to go to the profile, click on the profile picture at the bottom right or tap

2. Next tap on

3. Now tap Archive symbol

4. For Android users, tap to Posts Archive while for the iPhone users, tap to Posts.

5. Users need to tap the post that they would like to show on their profile.

6. Next, at the top right, tap on  for iPhone users while for the Android users, tap on . Now select ‘Show on Profile’.

 3. Using the Google Photos

The Google Photos app automatically backs up the photos clicked from the phone. Mostly the users store their photos in the cloud so it is quite easy to restore them. Users may follow the steps given below while recovering the deleted Instagram photos.

1. Open Google Photos application on the phone.

2. Check for the deleted pictures.

3. If not found, users may click on the three horizontal lines. There they may see ‘Bin’ option.

4. Users need to click the ‘Bin’ option. All the deleted photos will be available. Select the required photos and click on the ‘Restore’ option to restore the photos.

4. Using Instagram Photo Recovery Tool

Users may opt for some professional iOS data recovery software like EaseUS MobiSaver app to recover the deleted Instagram photos. EaseUS MobiSaver is a simple and professional iOS data recovery software. It can quickly restore iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch lost data even for long durations; mainly the photos lost due to accidental deletion, virus attack, broken screen, factory reset, jailbreak, water damage, stuck, etc.

How to use EaseUS MobiSaver??

1st step: Run EaseUS MobiSaver on the iPhone system

2nd step: Scan the iPhone to find the lost data

3rd step: Filter the scanned results, preview them and then recover the deleted photos.

5. Using one click method

Likewise, for the Android phone users, users may use Android Data Recovery tool to retrieve the deleted Instagram photos. This app easily restores the deleted Instagram photos without any sorts of backup. It also restores the deleted messages, videos, contacts, notes and many others. Almost all the Android mobile brands supports this feature.

6. Using Internet Archive

For restoring contents or reviewing the previous versions of the website, users may opt for the best services that are available. One of them is the Internet Archive. Users may apply these steps while looking for the photos through the Internet Archive

1. Visit

2. Provide the Instagram account details in the text box.

3. Select the date from the calendar to view the photos of concerned time.

Nearly 300 billion pages on Internet Archive were active until the end of 2017


Backup Instagram Photos To Google Account


Google has various options to back up some important data including photos from the Android phones and keep them safe. Users may use Google Drive or Google Photos to back up the data which are quite effective. Users may restore the deleted Instagram photos whenever needed.

Transfer Instagram Photos To Computers

Similarly, Users may keep their Instagram photos safe by transferring them to computers. The photos that you want as a backup, copy them and paste them in a folder on the computer. This will keep the data safe and users may access them when in need.


Well, we are at the end of this article and we expect that the methods to recover deleted Instagram accounts are useful for the followers. We have discussed methods for both Android and the iPhone versions. If the Instagram photos are deleted for some reasons then these methods are best to use.  Do share this article on ‘How to recover deleted Instagram photos 2021?’  with your friends and write us about their comments.

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