How to recover Facebook password without email and phone number? Lost it for some reason? No need to worry, we have the solution. With the help of some techniques that is concerned with the Facebook itself, users may recover their Facebook password. Yes, access even without email or phone number!!

how to recover facebook password

Facebook is undoubtedly   the biggest social networking website throughout the earth in terms of total active users and global outreach. This gigantic site allows its users create profiles, connect, and share contents as well as comments with relatives or colleagues or even people they are unknown with, online.

Users can share their photos, videos, files, articles, music as well as their views with as many people they prefer. They have the choice to share their contents either publicly or among the selected groups or even with a single person.

Facebook was established by  Harvard students  Mark Zuckerberg and his friends, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes in 2004. The site was at first available for the Harvard students which literally expanded to the regional universities and consequently throughout the globe.

 Till date, Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active users. Facebook is also the owner of some one of the most popular social sites like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.  

Popularity of Facebook

The most important and foremost thing is that Facebook is user-friendly and easily accessible for social networking. Especially for the young people who are by born multi-taskers experiment and communicate themselves on the web with a feeling of as if surviving in the virtual world more securely.

 The second thing Facebook makes it simple for its users to share their contents viz. videos, photos, files, messages, and feelings as well. It looks quite appealing and through a single login, users can have access to multiple sites. This is quite entertaining.

Similarly Facebook provides its users personalize and customize their profiles. Especially the teenagers personalize their profiles online with their favorite pictures, videos, music and comments. Even people are able to connect with their old friends and relatives through the exchange of their profile information. Facebook strongly bans adult contents and provides customizable privacy control tools to its users so that they can secure their information from third parties.

Probable risks concerning Facebook

Before we discuss, How to login Facebook without email or password?, let’s understand some security concerns regarding the Facebook users:

Many problems including the theme question may arise because of some security concerns. Despite the huge popularity, users face various risks especially the youngsters. Some of the major things where are mainly concerned are:

  • Cyberbullying:  many cases of profile hijacking and cyberbullying has led suffering for the users because of use of awful contents. 
  • Privacy: If the profiles are not set to private, anyone can view the contents. Especially the teenagers post personal contents online and they are the ones most troubled.
  • Contents: Especially the contents that are awful for the young people.
  • Visiting Contacts: young people sometimes meet with the people they contacted online. There is a risk that not all such people are honest.

Almost each of us have faced problems regarding our social accounts. Forgetting password or the account got hacked are common issues. Facebook is no different in these terms. In case the user has forgotten his password then he can recover his account back provided he knows the email id and the phone number that are registered with the account.

 However, if you do not know the email id also, then you really need to think seriously. Yes there are ways that Facebook provides to recover the account that is lost in a way. Let’s discuss everything thoroughly so that everyone can access solutions for their problems. Check it out!

Topic 1: How to Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number?

 If someone has forgotten his/her password or if the account has been hacked, then users need to recover their password of the Facebook account. For both conditions, there are various methods provided by the Facebook to recover the password.

One of the easiest method as given by the Facebook is recover Facebook password with phone number. If we suppose that the user just created new account and forgot his password, then he can use the following method to recover the password.

Step 1: Log in to the Facebook page where users need to enter their email ID or phone number in the required field.

how to recover facebook password

Step 2: Since Facebook also asks for the password so the user may try for the password. When he enters the wrong password, the log in will direct the user to put the correct word. There is alternate option of ‘Forgot password ‘where user may click to get new one.

Step 3: Users need to choose the phone number method to recover the Facebook password among the options provided by the Facebook. Once users put their phone number, Facebook will send a 6 digit verification code.

Step 4:  After receiving the code, just put the code in the required box. After this, Facebook will direct user to enter a new password for their Facebook account. This completes the process of password recovery of Facebook account.

So with the above mentioned steps, users can easily recover the password of Facebook account with the help of phone number method. Still if some problems or doubts are faced by the users during the password recovery then the customer service team should be contacted for the reliable and immediate support.

Topic 2: How to Recover Facebook Password without Phone Number?

If someone is looking for the process to recover Facebook password without phone number then following steps may be adopted to get accurate result for recovery:

Step1:  Go to the Facebook log in page. Type the username in the given field.

Step 2: Click on the option ‘Recover your account’.

Step 3: A new tab of the browser will open. Switch to the site Report Compromised Account.

Step 4: The site will display the option ‘my account is compromised’. Click it.

Step 5: Supply the email address, username and full name that is associated with the account. Then click the ‘Search’ button.

Step 6: Users need to provide the old password in the given field. Then click on ‘Continue’ button.

Step 7: Choose the desired option to recover the Facebook account. The method of recovering the account by the help of mail is the most suitable option. Proceed further.

Step 8: A recovery code will be sent to the email address by Facebook. Users need to type the sent code in the required field and then proceed further.

how to recover facebook password without confirmation reset code

Step 9: They will get an option to reset a new password .

i forgot my facebook password

Step 10: Type the new password and retype again in the required fields.

Step 11: Save the changes to update the settings. Users can now access their Facebook account.

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Now we talk about about our principal theme:

How to recover Facebook account without email or password?

log into my facebook account without password

Even if the users have forgot the password and could not sign up with their existing email address still they may recover their Facebook account. Users may recover their Facebook account by accessing through their contacts, username and also with an alternate email address.

Yes, due to some reasons, users are not able to log into their Facebook account for a log span of time and when they return back to their account they usually forget their password. Of course it’s a human nature. They even don’t have access to their email address unfortunately which makes logging into Facebook account back more difficult.

 Luckily, the users still can recover their Facebook account even without access to their email. Let’s discuss some ways to recover the Facebook account even when there is no access to the email:

1. By using the Username or Name:

Users may look for their Facebook account by using their username or the name when they donot have access to their email address. The Facebook has the provision for the ‘Find Your Account’ page. With this, they can recover their account using their username or name or even nicknames.

The page will display a list of all probable accounts. Simply users need to check their account. When they find it, they need to click on the option ‘ This is My Account ‘. After this they need to follow the hints and work accordingly to reset their Facebook password.

However if the users don’t even remember their username, they donot need to panic. They simply can request friends or dear ones to login their Facebook account and try looking for their name or username. Usually the last name that appear on the URL is the username of the person. The drawback of this process is that it is not always working to find the username.

2. By using the contacts

The contacts that we have made can also help us to recover the Facebook account. But the thing is only those contacts who we believe are trustworthy may help us in solving our problem i.e. access the Facebook account. Otherwise, chances are the account may be misused. Following steps may be adopted while recovering the Facebook account using trusted contacts:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook page.

Step 2: Click on ‘Forgot Account’, under ‘Password’ section.

recover facebook password

Step 3: On the password reset page, click on ‘No longer have access to these’.

Reset Your Password

Step 4: The page ‘How Can We Reach You’ will appear. Here users need to enter the phone number or email address that is available. After entering, click on Continue.

Step 5: An option ‘Reveal My Trusted Contacts’ will appear. Users need to submit the name of the contact that they have assigned.

Step 6: Facebook will provide supplementary details that will support users in recovering their account.

Step 7: Request the concerned friend/relative to follow the link that is to be provided to them. Ask them to send the code provided by following the link.

Step 8: After receiving the code, use it to recover the account.

3. By using an Alternate Email Address

In case the usual email address is not working to log in to the account, then users may opt for the alternate email address. The user may opt for the accessible email address out of the multiple email address.

Steps to make accounts more secure?

Despite these, if the users still cannot log in to their account, chances are the account has been hacked. So the users should be careful that once they have recovered their account, they should change the password immediately. Besides following steps will also help to make the account more secure. If you cannot log in to your account, it may be because your account has been hacked. Once you have recovered your account, you should change your password. Follow these steps to make your account more secure.

1. On the home page, click on the down arrow.

2. Go for the ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Security and Login’

3. Using two-factor authentication, the security of the account can be updated.

4. Asking help from the Support Team

Facebook Customer Support

Another way that users may adopt to recover their Facebook login without email address is simply contact the Facebook support team. There are many ways to contact the Facebook support team.

 Most appropriate way is to contact the Facebook support team by phone. The customer care member will provide proper guidance and provide reliable solution for the problems. Sometimes due to huge engagement, users may need to try many times before discussing the member.

Also the option of Live chat provides the users to speak straight with the agent and tell his problem to the agent. The agent will provide the best solution for the problem.

Facebook Customer Support

If the agent is unreachable for any reason, then he can contacted through email. The agent will send the email that has the solution for the problem. Here also the user may need to send multiple emails before he receives the solutions from the agent.

How to secure your Facebook account?

It’s very important. Following tips are necessary and should always be born in mind every time especially in today’s global scenario.

1. Always use strong passwords typically 10-15 characters, easy to remember but should contain numbers or characters for more security.

2. Activate two factor authentication:

Follow these steps:

a. Open your Facebook account,

b. At the top right, click the arrow symbol. Now click on the ‘Settings’.

c. A page will appear where user needs to click on ‘Protection and access’ at the left.

d. Next to the ‘Configure two-factor authentication’ entry, click on the ‘Edit’ button.

e. Users will see ‘Two-factor authentication is disabled’. Click on the configuration link to activate it.

f. Click on the ‘Active’ button. Two-factor authentication is activated.

3. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks as they are more prone to cyber-attacks.


So we discussed some techniques to recover the Facebook password without email or password. Everyone should be cautious about the security of their Facebook account. Share this article with your friends and tell us their views regarding ‘How to recover my Facebook password without email or password?’

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