How to verify Instagram account? This is a big thing for every Instagram users. Every Instagram users desire to get the blue Instagram tick for their account as this proves their account authenticity and credibility. In this article we discuss on how to verify an Instagram account with some easy explanation.

In today’s world, Instagram has been one of the most popular free photo and video sharing social application with an estimated followers of nearly 1 billion. It is applicable in both apple and Android versions. Users benefit from this application in terms of uploading photos and videos, like other’s contents as well as comment on other contents.

Instagram pioneers Mike Kroeger and Kevin Systrom launched this application for iPhone as Burbn in 2010.

Facebook owned the rights of Instagram in 2012 and since then Instagram has been updated with lots of featured tools like Hashtags, Photographic filters, IGTV, Instagram direct, video sharing and many more from just a photo-sharing application.

Almost people of every sectors from all age groups use Instagram. Especially the youngsters from 18-29 are highly influenced by this application. The teens, media people, businessmen, politicians, marketers etc. prefer Instagram for uploading, sharing and commenting on contents, recreational purpose, educational purpose, marketing purpose, trade analysis and so on.

While the application is gaining huge popularity, users are facing some serious problems like security concerns, privacy, rumors spreading etc. with prolonged use.

User verification on social sites

In the race of being the best, followers of every social media compete to set up their personal brands. Most of the social networking sites have their own status symbols or comparable verification. It is important to note that these symbols represent status of the users, to signify their authenticity. It’s a sign that you are notable.

Facebook proves user verification with the usage of white tick on a blue background. Twitter proves user verification with the usage of blue verified badge. Tiktok proves user verification with a crown badge. Pinterest signposts influencer accounts and verified celebrities. Likewise, Instagram proves the user verification with the coveted blue check mark besides influencer’s name.

A great deal of mystery surrounded the mind of the most of the Instagram followers regarding the Instagram verification process. Some major queries like number of followers, factors determining the verification, the complexities throughout the process etc. often confuse the users. Fortunately, Instagram has justified the verification process.

In August 2018, Instagram launched a public verified account application to facilitate its users make their account authentic. The blue verification mark on Instagram assures that the people get the reliable account while looking for an influencing user or some celebrity.

 A verified account shows the credibility of the influencer and it is not a fake account, a simple account will get verified tick. Instagram only verifies the user whom it feels are important or are classic in their fields, someone who is influencer in the community or media.

What actually Instagram verification means!!

Simply Instagram verification means providing an authentic presence of a celebrity, public figure or global brand that are established Instagram account. An Instagram verified account gets a blue seal with a little right tick that appears simultaneously to the username.

Users may apply for the Instagram verification with either their personal account or their business account. When we see a blue right tick, we must understand we are referring a verified Instagram account not any ordinary account or some fan account.

When the account is verified, the brand gets credibility and there is no chance of fraud. Besides, some of the features on social sites may be applied only by the verified accounts that have more than 10000 followers.

Verified Badge on Instagram

According to Instagram, if any account is getting the verified badge, it means that the account is the authentic presence of the represented celebrity, public figure or global brand.

The blue verification badge shows the profile is legit and notable. The badge is specially allotted for the renowned politicians, musicians. Fashion icons, media personality, journalists, players and account holders with the profiles of interest.

Who is eligible to get verified on Instagram?

The blue verification badge is given to authentic people, companies and brands on Instagram who have credibility and originality in their contents. Fake accounts and copycats are devoid of blue badge. This also negatively affect their image on social media.

Any Instagram user may apply for the verification but this doesnot imply that all of them will get the blue badge. Mostly the public figures like politicians, film stars, sports stars, renowned businessmen etc. receive the blue badge for the Instagram accounts. These figures are more prone to get imitated.

The general accounts do not qualify for the Instagram blue badge.

What are the few criteria to be considered while applying for the Instagram verification badge?

There are a number of factors that need to be considered while determining whether the Instagram accounts are in the public interest and meet the verification criteria as set by the Instagram. In order to get verified, as per the Instagram’s website, the accounts need to be:

  • Unique: The Instagram account need to be unique in a sense that it should be owned by the celebrity, global brands or an influencer but only one account per person or business may be verified.
  • Authentic: This account must represent a real person, registered business or a trusted entity. Otherwise, it would be violating the guidelines set by the Instagram.
  • Complete: The user account must be complete with their bio, full name and the profile picture with at least one post.
  • Public: The accounts that have been switched to ‘Public’ is applicable for verification.Notable. If the user account is not of a celebrity, brand, entity, highly searched person, then s/he is unlikely to get the blue tick. 

How to get verified on Instagram?

In order to get the blue verification tick, users should request for it by filling out the application form. Once the application form is filled, it is to be delivered to the verification team. The Instagram representatives will review the application and if found proper and authentic, they will approve it or else it will be denied.

Unless the users are confident that they have fulfilled all the requirements, there is no assurance that they will get the blue tick. If there is a refusal for any brand or person without any proper explanations, then they should wait for 30 days until they re-apply for the next time.

Applying for the verification on Instagram is a totally free process. It should be noted that if some agencies are taking money for this very process then users should be aware of such agencies. The verification process usually takes upto 2 weeks.

Official Instagram Verification Form

Following steps are taken into consideration while applying for the official Instagram verification

  1. Sign in to the Instagram account that needs to get blue tick.
  2. Go to the profile page. At the upper corner on the right there is the menu icon. Click it.

3. Users may find ‘Settings’ icon at the bottom of the list. Select it.

  • 4. Under settings, click on ‘Account’ to open the submenu.

5. Now, select ‘Request verification’.

  • Users need to enter the following information in the form provided:

IG account name, Full name, Known as (generally nickname or company name or part of full name etc.), Category that best describes the IG account and Upload a photograph.

After providing all the data, click on ‘Send’ and wait for some days till the application is reviewed and notification is sent regarding the approval or denial of the request.

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Efficient tips to get blue check on Instagram

1. Build Followers and Increase Engagement

More followers trust the account for its genuine approach, its credibility and its regularity. Users need to post contents regularly to increase engagement.

2.      Posting at the right time

Users are mostly active during the daytime and late evenings to post fresh contents and collect much likes and shares.


3. Concentrate on parallel promotion

If the users have accounts on other social media like Facebook, YouTube and twitter, then they should link their Instagram page with these sites. This helps to gain more visibility.

4. Choosing the right Hashtags

It is extremely important to select the right hashtag   that best fits the user’s niche. There are many popular hashtags as suggested by the Instagram and by creating a great content with the right hashtag can prove beneficial.

5. Avoid illegal ways of presence on Instagram

It is very necessary to act in a legal manner if the user wishes for approval. If there are any violations with the terms and conditions, chances are the account may even get banned.

6. Honesty is the best policy

Similar to above point, the users need to make sure that they provide truthful information throughout the verification procedure. Providing real name, accurate category, handling right documents with no alterations is necessary.

7. Going behind the scenes with the aid of stories

Using Instagram stories, users may provide an insight look about their happenings in real time which is something that cannot be imitated. So Instagram also motivates for boosting authentication using Instagram stories to provide a behind the scenes look at their business.

8. Avoiding the help of third party services

 Instagram clearly states in its guidelines that users should not opt any third party to verify their account as many scammers advertise selling Instagram verification.

9. Try again until you succeed

If there is the rejection of the application, then users need not get disappointed. Instead, they should focus on improving their profile and show patience. They may try again until they receive a blue seal.


Losing the Verification Badge

Yes, it’s possible. Instagram possess the right to remove the verification tick it provided. Instagram clearly states the account may lose the badge or blue tick on following inappropriate conditions:

  1. On advertising, selling or transferring the verified badge.
  2. Use bio-information’s to promote other services.
  3. Using the third party service to verify the account.

Therefore, it is necessary that we treat the blue tick as our vital aspect and care for it.


So time to wrap up the article. We discussed ‘How to get verified on Instagram’ with some simple tips 2021. Getting the blue tip is not that easy but not impossible too. If the users do not get the verified badge, there is no need to panic. They need to remain genuine with their posts and apply again. Finally, share this article with your friends and dear ones. Tell us their views on ‘How to get verified on Instagram’.

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