How to view private Instagram profiles? If this question tickles your mind and you are wondering for the right solution, then this article is your destiny. The methods explained may be used by the followers depending upon their necessity. Before explaining the very topic ‘ How to view private Instagram profiles?’, let’s see some scenario on private Instagram profiles starting with the basic introduction.

Instagram, a leading social media platform, has found its place among titan and blustering websites Millions of people use this media for picture activity making it one of the most famous social network.

Instagram is blooming every day with a user base that stands adjacent to Facebook and Twitter in social networking. This free, photo-sharing application was developed in San Francisco by Mike Kroeger and Kevin Systrom in 2010. Facebook acquired Instagram rights for an estimated deal of a billion dollars. Today Instagram has around 1 billion active users.

View Private Instagram

Instagram allows its users to upload, edit, and post pictures and videos and share it to other social networks. It features some major tools like Hashtags, Explore, photographic filters like Lux, Aden, Crema, etc, video sharing, Instagram direct, IGTV and has been continuously improving with years going.

Pros and Cons of Instagram

Depending on the usage of Instagram, users face benefits as well as damages. There are many merits to Instagram. Whether it be educational or social marketing, health or entertainment, media, or trade analysis, everybody thinks to upgrade themselves with the proper utilization of this service. Apart from uploading and sharing the photos and the videos, users can quote posts, market contents, understand demographics, use visual marketing, and engage with the customers, and many more.

Similarly, talking about the cons of Instagram, there is a matter of privacy regarding the business or private life because too many rumors spread when a person gains popularity. Since Instagram does not permit live links so it disappoints website traffic. People are spending too much time scrolling so it is quite sedative. It also sends several security threats to its followers in case they go for suspicious conduct. These sorts of conducts make the users feel discomfort with the use of the application.

View Private Instagram

Instagram permits its fanatical users to switch their personal account to either public mode or private mode. As per the privacy policy law, the website has the feature to make the accounts private that means those people who are unfollowing are not allowed to view the private accounts. It totally depends on the users’ seriousness regarding their concern for their privacy to make their Instagram account private or public.

A private Instagram account allows more privacy. Those people who unfollow a character and complete strangers won’t be capable of viewing photos, stories and videos shared by the character. Only if the follower’s request is accepted, then s/he can see the contents. The users reserve the rights to qualify or reject follow requests in private mode. Similarly, in public mode, the posts are open to view and any Instagram user can view the posts and there is no requirement of approval for following. Let’s see the scopes for both of these modes:

Public account — best applicable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes like brand awareness, achieving social exposure, followings etc.

Private account — best applicable for individual and non-commercial purposes like keeping contents oneself and selected followers.



Private Instagram Viewer

Reasons to make a private Instagram account:

  1. To remain away from those people who are not well with you even your girlfriend  –It’s not necessary that people who troll on the internet most of the time may not be friendly with you. It is better to block such people and more importantly it is necessary to make your account private by remaining away from these people. Simply we can deny requests for following and also stop accessing to posts.
  2. To avoid popping up of fake Instagram accounts –  if the users make their account private, then is protection from people who make fake social media accounts as these people cannot view, download or take any type of screenshot of images or videos. So abusing someone’s identity is prevented.
  3. To confine the door on stalkers – with the approach of the social media, stalking has been easier. If the Instagram account is switched to private mode, the stalkers may be stopped from spying or abusing the contents in any manner.

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How to view private Instagram accounts/profiles?

If you really desire to view someone’s private Instagram account because of some purpose that may not hurt anyone’s purpose, then yes there are some ways to do that. But if the reason is abusive or for some sorts of harassment then it not a good thing that a civilized person may do. Let’s discuss some easy ways to view private Instagram account.

A. Create a fake ID

Sounds odd but yes, creating a fake account is a nice alternative to view someone’s private Instagram account. While this is totally unethical to do so but say with necessity like if the user is not getting reply for follow request or direct messages then s/he can go for this trick. Technically it really works! We would not recommend this method so anyone who would take this method is doing at his/her own risk

Ways to create a fake account:

  1. You should make your profile as interesting as possible. It should be attractive.   You can descent photos especially of females. Adopting a photo of a female celebrity or a model is recommended.
  2. As for creating an account of a female user, one should keep in mind what’s the most trending that is energizing the women’s interest among female Instagram influencers. Keep this fact in mind to guide you.
  3. In order to create curiosity for the targeted, try as much possible to set the Instagram account to private.
  4. Once again, always try sending a follow request or a direct message to the intended person mentioning the proper reason to view the account.

B. Make straight request to the person

This is the most convenient way to view the private Instagram account. It is descent to humbly ask the person directly. Following steps may be adopted to reach the intended person.

  1. Send the follower request showing desire to view the private pictures or follow someone. If that intended person has a private account, s/he will get notified that the follower desires to follow or send a message or wants to talk.
  2. The motive of sending the message should be clear. The intended person should be clarified by sending private message to express inner feelings showing the importance of his/her availability. The profile should be impressive and descent in order for more certainty to get access.
  3. Personal interactions may also be considered. At such cases one should be positive and bonafide so that the next person approve the request and allow to view the profiles or pictures.

C. Try third party apps to view private Instagram

This is a risky way to view the private Instagram account/profiles. Lots of online tools are available to view private Instagram accounts smoothly. However, there is a question of reliability about these tools as most of these are scams. Also, fraud hack the personal information and use them wrongly. Users may access these tools to view the contents of the confined accounts. We are discussing the access of Instagram profile viewer with the help of following steps:

  1. Visit the online Instagram profile viewer apps like
  2. After entering the site, insert your Instagram username. Then you will be asked to download the pictures or view now which may require a few personal information that is risky. Be careful about the misuse of the information by the scammers.
  3. After the completion of the steps, users can see the private account. They can download the contents or see online.
  4. One thing to consider is that these sites are online and cannot be downloaded. So each time users need to access the online mode for preferable browsers.

Final words…

In this digital era of social media, privacy is the greatest concern for every user whether it be any aspect. Always try to frame a solid social presence on Instagram. Users should only use legal ways to view a private Instagram account. They should not use unethical methods to access someone’s account. It actually many aspects of a person’s life. Of the methods I discussed above, I recommend users adopt method ‘B’ as this is the most legitimate way.

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