Instagram Messages Deleted!! Want To Recover Instagram Messages 2021?

Recover Instagram Messages

Do you want to recover Instagram messages that were deleted? You may have deleted your messages for various reasons. The Instagram direct messages may be deleted while doing some updates or factory reset or jail break or may be accidently. If the Instagram users are looking for the perfect solution for their doubt regarding ‘recover Instagram messages’, we have the explanation.

Instagram is one of the prominent social media site where the users share their photos, videos, contents, and send messages to their colleagues and relatives. Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, it has grown tremendously in its capacities and with that, the followers are increasing in appreciable manner.

If we put aside the pros of this social app, definitely users are facing various cons with certain features of this app. One of such important feature is Instagram Direct where users send private messages. It allows users share plain text messages, photos, videos, Hashtags, locations etc. It also possesses an inbox just like Messenger and Facebook.

Sometimes users delete the messages abruptly and later feel they went for a blunder. This becomes a great menace for anyone who doesn’t know how to recover deleted Instagram messages. After the deletion of the messages, it is not possible that the users may bring it back through Instagram however they may adopt online Instagram message recovery options which we will be explaining later. But first, let’s go on for some straight forward sessions as under.

Reasons for deleting Instagram Direct Messages (DM)

The probable reasons why the users would delete the Instagram DM vary as per the users themselves. We have listed below some of the major probable reasons why people delete DM:

1. Usually, when the users opt to factory settings for some reason, there is a chance that users may lose the data including Instagram DM.

2. Sometimes unknowingly or becoming out of mind, the users press the delete button while planning to trash the unnecessary files and thus lose the data.

3. The jailbreak failure of iPhone or the Root failure of Android devices also results in the collapse of messages from Instagram.

4. Due to the Virus insurgency in the system, many files are corrupted and this may also result in the loss of Instagram messages.

5. Various files with the time going get infected and this also affects the neighboring files. This is also a reason for the deletion of Instagram DM.


how to recover deleted instagram messages
Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

The reasons may be stated as under:

  • Maybe the user deleted an important message unknowingly or accidentally.
  • For some reason, the user needed the copy of a message sent by someone and the sender has removed the message and is no longer available.t
  • Instagram got crashed and the important messages may no longer be available.

If then, is it possible to recover the deleted Instagram DM?

Of course, deleted Instagram messages can be recovered which is quite uncommon among the users. they may not recover the Instagram messages once they are deleted. However, with the use of proper techniques and tools, chances are, they may retrieve the Instagram messages m. One thing to ponder is that the usage of devices should be ceased promptly because there are chances of overwriting the misplaced or lost data. If the users overwrite the lost or misplaced data, then it is impossible to recover the lost data including the Instagram messages.

How to recover Instagram messages that are deleted??

1.    Using Manual Instagram Direct Message Recovery


Instagram features a function that access its users download all the data including the direct messages shared on the Instagram manually. Users need to consider following steps while performing the process:

1.  Log in to the Instagram website page.

2. Go to the ‘Settings’ icon under the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

3. A new window will pop up where you need to choose ‘Privacy and Security’

Recover Instagram Messages
Recover Instagram Messages
  • Look for Data Download and select Request Download
Recover Instagram Messages
  •  Once again the user needs to verify his identity. So, the user needs to click on ‘Log In Again’ and provide the Instagram account information.
  • .Click on Request Download. The user needs to verify his/her identity. Just click on Log In Again and enter your Instagram account information. Provide the email address where the link will be available. Click Next to proceed further.
  • Again provide the Instagram password and then click on ‘Request Download’
  • profile information and more data on Instagram, then click Next
  • Now enter your Instagram password and click Request Download.
  • Instagram will provide the email that has the subject ‘Your Instagram Data’. Go for ‘Download Data” and unzip the downloaded file.
  • .Finally locate the ‘messages.json file’ to recover the Instagram direct messages.

*** The problem with this process is that the system can work on one request from the user’s account at a time and it may take up to 48 hours in maximum to collect the data and send it back to the user.

2.   Using Facebook Account to Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Message


If the user possesses a Facebook account and he has linked his Facebook account to his Instagram account, then it’s quite easy to recover deleted Instagram messages. These are easily available through the inbox of the Facebook account. For this, the users may follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the Facebook account and go to the inbox.

2.  There is an Instagram direct icon on the left menu bar. On tapping the icon, users may find their Instagram Direct messages.

The main thing to ponder here is that the users must have Facebook account otherwise this method will not work.

3. Recover Instagram messages from the recipient

Messages are always two-way avenue. Whatever the sender is forwarding, the same would be achieved by the recipient. So if the sender has deleted the messages and is no longer available, he may recover it from the recipient. For convenience, the sender may request the recipient to take the screenshot of the messages and email them to him/her. This method is the easiest approach for recovering the Instagram messages. However, it should be noted that if the recipient too has deleted the messages then there is no way to recover the message by this process. The sender needs to execute some other techniques in this condition.

how to see deleted messages on instagram
Recover Instagram Messages Online

4.   Using Instagram Direct Message Online to recover Instagram messages


Users may recover the deleted DM through the Instagram Message Recovery site. The site involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the Instagram Message Recovery and enter the Instagram username or URL of the profile.
  2. After logging in, users need to click on Recover Messages
  3. The system may ask for a human verification test. This can be lengthy and frustrating.
  4. After completing the test, users may recover the deleted Instagram DM.

*** This method is quite slow and needs great patience. Many users have reported for series of bugs while attempting the verification test. Too much popping of frustrating ads has also been seen.

5. Using the third party tools to recover the Instagram DMs.

The following third-party tools are applicable for both iPhones and Android phones to recover the deleted Instagram messages:

  1. iMyFone D-Back for iPhone:  This software helps to recover the DMs as well as other contents from iOS devices.  This is also available for both Windows and Mac computers.
  2. U.Fone: This software is similar to iMyFone D-Back.
  3. FoneLab for Android: Users may use this software to recover the DMs as well as other content from Android devices.  This is also available for both Windows and Mac computers
  4. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android: It is similar to FoneLab.

Final words….

So the article was all about ‘recover Instagram messages’ that were deleted for some reason. The methods explained to recover the Instagram messages are quite easy. Instagram users can adopt the methods and if any of the method is not working then they may refer the next method. Do share this with your friends and those whom you feel it’s necessary.

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