If you have trying to figure out how to view Instagram stories anonymously, then we have brought some of the most exclusive methods to sort out the very problem. In this article, we will discuss about the basics of Instagram, Instagram story viewer and its usage and then the very methods that are best in use to view the Instagram stories anonymously.                     

view Instagram stories anonymously
Instagram Story Viewer

In today’s world, social media play an indispensable role in human life. Social media are the digital platforms that allow people to share their contents e.g. Images, photos, videos, etc. and engage with others mostly for recreational purposes efficiently and effectively. People access this internet communication tool mainly through computers and smartphones. Most popular social media include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Instagram is one of the most accredited photo and video sharing applications among people especially teens. It is continuously rendering good service to its users and has proved to be appealing for a large population. It is an American social networking service that allows its users to share, upload, and edit videos, images, and photos.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger first created this application in 2010 and iPhone officially launched it as Burbn. In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for an approximate deal of a billion dollars.

Since then, Instagram has been continuously improving with great features for the last 10 years. It featured some essential tools such as Hashtags (2011), Explore (2012), photographic filters like Lux, Slumber, Crema, Aden (2012,2014), Direct (2013), IGTV (2018), etc.

Instagram has widened its scope in terms of utility such as business, education, marketing, entertainment, health, and many more. Nearly all gizmos like tablets, Android phones as well as Apple gadgets support this application.

Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram story viewer
view Instagram stories

One of the prominent features of the Instagram is ‘Story and Highlight’. When it started in 2016 as a ‘Snapchat feature’, stories started flooding into Instagram. It played an important role in the growth of the company.

Basically, Instagram story is a feature that allows users post videos and photos and watch the Instagram stories without any evidence. The contents disappear after 24 hours. So users can see all the active stories of any user Instagram account and they cannot be view them beyond 24 hours. Also, contents shared to the story also will not be manifested in the main Instagram feed.

Over 400 million people use Instagram Story every day. If then, with this fact the question arises: how can the Instagram story be viewed anonymously? 

Why use an anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

There are various reasons why a character would want to view another Instagram account anonymously and it becomes a necessity for a number of reasons:

  1. Many Instagram accounts’ stories are publicly harassed or oppressed. A character may feel that such oppressing contents may be kept for a record without amending the account owner.
  2. Many individuals feel that people abduct their contents so they may secretly want to check other account’s stories.
  3. Many marketers, stockholders, and brands use anonymous Instagram stories content as a part of the campaign so as to conduct anonymous research.
  4. Users can anonymously get access to Instagram stories of public accounts they wish in fast track keeping their identity secret. Users can even see the stories of people who blocked them on Instagram.

How To Anonymously Watch Instagram Stories

People at some point of their life must have sneaked over another’s account in most of the social media and Instagram is no different. Sneaking over the other’s account is easy in Instagram provided their account is made public and hasn’t been blocked.

Instagram story appears in a bar at the top of the feed and all Instagram accounts are prepared to share their story. There is a ring around the profile photo whenever there is something new to see. In order to view other’s stories without their observation and keeping oneself totally anonymous, we are discussing 5 methods as under:

 1. Web Browser Extension:

Mainly IG stories for Instagram and Stories Watcher are the web browsers for viewing the Instagram stories. IG stories for Instagram is a web browser extension for Google Chrome browser by which users can access Instagram stories without leaving any pieces of evidence and the views of that user won’t be counted. Stories Watcher is a web browser extension for the Firefox which permits to see the Instagram stories without anyone’s observation. Even after all the observation, the stories will continue to appear as unseen.

2. Online Private Instagram story viewer:

If the users do not feel to activate the Airplane mode, then they can go for Online Instagram Stories Viewer to view stories without logging in to their Instagram account. There are various websites to do this thing. One of them is Instagram Stories Data where the users can view Instagram stories of a private account that were published long ago without anyone’s observation. Similarly, another website is StoriesIg where the users can see all the stories immediately that are published within 24 hour without being noticed. The users just need to check in the search box of this website and place the username they want to spy.

3. Airplane Mode Trick:

Whether it be an Android phone or an iPhone, the most direct way to view Instagram stories without being noticed is Airplane mode trick. Simply login to your account and keep patience till the phone loads all the stories. Once done turn on the Airplane mode and refer back to view the stories. As the Airplane mode is on, the view won’t be counted.

4. The Story Saver App for iOS or Android:

This app is excellent to use when the user needs to view the multiple Instagram stories anonymously. For Android users, there is an app ‘Story Saver’ where the user should enter the Instagram account to log in. After logging in we see a list of users that have active stories at that moment. If we want to spy on a person that has active stories at the moment, just select his/her to view all his/her stories at the moment.

Users can download this app for Google Play Store. Similarly, for iOS, there is an app ‘Story Reposter’ which helps the repost the Instagram stories in the Instagram feed. Also, users can save stories on the device. Major thing is that with this application, the users can only see the stories of the friends that are active at that time.

5. View Instagram Stories with Siri Shortcuts:

The Instagram’s shortcuts is supported by Apple iOS 12, iOS 13 system. For the iOS13 system, the users’ needs to open the “Allow untrusted shortcuts” permission. It’s better to install the latest version of “Shortcuts” app. In the iPhone’s Safari browser, there is “Siri Shortcuts App” website where we can open the required shortcuts page. By clicking on “Get Shortcut”, we prompt to the “Shortcuts” application”. Here the users can add the shortcuts to view all the available Instagram stories anonymously and do many more things like quick review etc.

Let’s conclude!!!

So we discuss the 5 methods to view Instagram stories anonymously. Users should consider only for informative purposes and should not hurt anyone’s feelings or privacy. Give a healthy try to any one of these methods and experience this sensation.

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