Want to track Instagram activity We have the solution. With some of the easiest techniques, users can track someone’s activity on Instagram.

For many  reasons, people tend to track someone’s activity on Instagram. Let’s review this one of the most searched topics on Instagram starting with some basic  discussions on Instagram.

Figure 1: Instagram App

Nowadays, the Internet has become an essential part of modern life. Lifestyle has become simple in almost all aspects of this physical world with the usage of the Internet. Social media is assisting individual users for sharing and creating ideas, careers, information, and other various methods of expression.

People are using  social media on their laptops, desktops and mobile phones to make conversations regarding their Instagram accounts. Some of the most famous social media websites include Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, QZone, Snapchat and more.

About Instagram

Among these social media, Instagram occupies a unique place. Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network application used by more than 1 billion registered users. It was developed in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010.

Instagram was  primarily launched for the iPhone with the name ‘Burbn’. Facebook acquired Instagram for about  1 billion dollars in 2012. 

Instagram (IG), is formed from the two words, Instant camera and telegram. Users access  this service to share their contents as well as execute digital filters on other social media platforms.

With Instagram, users share regular moments, celebrate great  achievements and  make contact with relatives. They also build  communities of support and meet people who give their stories, feeds, notes, Live or Direct.

Instagram can be almost used on all tablets, smartphones and iPhones.

Tracking activity status on Instagram

On Instagram we can follow people and check their activity status. Unlike Facebook, anyone can be followed even if that person is unfollowing on Instagram. This has created some seriousness about the privacy concerns regarding the long use of the  app. Whatever we post becomes our asset on an online system. 

Most of us care for our contents and become cautious  but still people follow unknowingly. Users face random follows and adds along with the repetitive use of Instagram. It really becomes an odd experience.

 Reasons why people follow you on Instagram

  Some probable reasons why people follow you on Instagram may be listed as below:

1. People want more follows:

People follow with a thought to increase their visibility. They think they get  one in return.  Someone who wants to get promoted will also follow you b  you will follow them back. So  it is ‘more you follow’, ‘more you will be followed’ concept.  

2. Mistaken identity due to similar name:

Sometimes due to similarity in name, people will follow mistakenly for whom they intended. It usually happens due to the similarity in profile pictures. However, once they realize they followed the wrong guy, they won’t bother more. 

3. They add to their list but what they like:

Sometimes the followers may like the post you made and add you thinking both have the same thinking platform. Whether it be any humorous or notorious content, they enjoy it and want to follow you for your choice of thinking.

4. For genuine reason:

Not without any cause also people may want to add you. When people scroll much on the internet, they randomly see the profiles and the posts made and may like it. It differs from person to person.

How to Track Someone’s Activity on Instagram?

Tracking someone’s  activity  on Instagram  is important to track instagram users especially  our kids, our beloved or relatives. It is not always  possible to get them on public accounts.

 Instagram activity tracker
Figure 2: track someone’s activity on Instagram

 Tracking your child’s phone:

Parents are too much concerned for their children.  They are always curious to know how their children are using the phone. With some great mobile spy apps, parents can easily know how the children are using the phone. 

Tracking your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife:

People are very serious with their relationships. They never want to be cheated with their feelings, wealth, health or privacy matters. They expect their dear ones to be honest even from behind. 

A mobile tracking app helps to monitor the location of their phone. The app also informs about the specific location and their time of arrival on their phone.

Private Instagram

The Solutions…..

Method One: Use mSpy app to track Instagram activity

This app has been evenly designed for spying on a number of accounts especially on Android or iPhone gadgets. It allows parents to monitor calls, present GPS location, photos, videos, instant messages, and browsing history from mSpy Control Panel.

mSpy app will start tracking all activities of the targeted device once the installation is complete. It will show them on mSpy dashboard.  

There is a mSpy free trial that runs for 7 days. Users can understand this software regarding their costs, working efficiency, etc. Users may obtain true information on the Once more let’s see the following steps:

1. Purchase mSpy

2. Install Software

3. Start Monitoring

Method Two: Use PanSpy to track Instagram activity

PanSpy is an efficient  monitoring solution provider that helps in monitoring and tracking. Users can monitor and track calls, messages, current GPS location, and others for parents using the smartphones.

track Instagram activity
Figure 3: PanSpy for tracking activity

 With PanSpy, parents can

a.  Track current location: GPS, Wi-Fi logger, Geofencing

b.  Track Cell Phone Activity: Call logs, messages, photos, videos, documents and many more.

c.   Monitor Social Apps; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Hangouts and more.

Let’s see the following steps for using this tool on smartphones:

1.  Create an account by signing up.

2.  Install software on your child’s device and log in your account and get access to the data.

3.  Start monitoring by clicking on the Location tab on the left side of the dashboard.

Method 3: Use Spyzie app to track Instagram activity

track Instagram activity
Figure 4 : Spyzie for tracking activity

Spyzie is a utility application that provides  users’ track and exact contents. It is  one of the most reliable  solutions  for  business owners and parents. 

Spyzie can track the call log, location and  messages as well as  monitor messaging apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp etc. The app reports  any unwanted  activities regularly so the targeted device is free from security threats.

Spyzie is an account-based monitoring app which can be installed as a plugin in the targeted android phone. There is no need to download the app on both devices.


  Easy to Use 

  Large  monitoring feature

 Supports various Languages

 Tracks  Messaging Apps


·         Takes long time to respond 

·         Features work only when the device is rooted.

Users may see all information about this app under this URL:       

Method 4: Use Third-Party search Tools

Many third-party services like InstaBAM, Huntgram, and Glimpse have emerged out to help in finding people on Instagram. These services help to find the Instagram posts and the people close to the location.


To conclude, we saw how to track someone’s activity  on Instagram with the help of the methods mentioned above. It is quite easy to find people who like  your posts and  you can follow them. The third party solutions are also easy to locate  the people near you.

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