Thinking ‘How to upload photos to Instagram from PC !!’ In a straight sense, it is not possible as it violates the Instagram regulation act. However, with some great techniques and tools, users can take the benefit of posting pictures to Instagram from their computers.

These ways really prove Instagram contents are meant for the mobile version. So let’s discuss ‘How to post pictures to Instagram?’ starting with some basic introduction.

how to upload photos to Instagram from PC
Fig: how to post a picture on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular free photo- and video- sharing social media application that is tremendously growing since its commencement in 2010. It has proved to be one of the outclass social app to generate great portfolio, raise great audience, commence business, make contact with the companies, marketing, reveal talent ship and many more which the users think about.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has been advancing with great features for its users subsequently. The application has more than 1 billion followers to date making it the second brilliant social application across the globe behind Facebook.

Initially, Instagram was designed as a photo-sharing app and is still the biggest concern for the users today also. Users can take an image directly on the app or may upload an image from their albums on the phone enabling them to post photos on their personal feed. The filters and other image-enhancing tools may be applied to customize the images.

Instagram initiated as a purely mobile application and has today also been strongly emphasized on the mobile version. It provides a variety of features for creators. Due to the copyright regulation, all the desktop proficiencies are at the secondary level.

How to upload photos to Instagram from PC….

 It is disappointing fact that Instagram does not access its users to upload images to their profiles from their desktop or laptop. This means there is no any official way to post pictures from the desktop or the laptop.

This is really awkward for the users especially for the users who want to upload their vacation photos that are stored on the SD cards. Moreover with this restriction, for those users whose contents are stored on the camera, the process of sending the contents from the desktop to the mobile phone is very tedious and time consuming!

Fortunately there are some ways that the PC and Mac users can ignore the copyright regulations for the above mentioned purpose so that the contents especially the photos may be posted directly to the computers. The ways are tricky but once the users are done, it is quite convenient to keep on going.

It is easy to open an Instagram account on computer by just logging to The posts in the queue and the stories at the top of the pages may be seen as well as doing searches, following people and viewing profile page is possible but the main thing Instagram post can’t be easily created for PC.

Then, How to upload photos to Instagram from PC??

With some clever desktop hacks and third party tools, the users can post pictures to Instagram from computer. Let’s discuss these ways in detail as under:

1. By changing browser user agent:

Here we will be discussing Chrome and Safari.

a) Chrome

We initiate the process as usual by logging to while using Chrome also which will provide a desktop appearance of the site. Users may right- click anywhere and then click on the Inspect from the resulting menu.

The Inspector tool will appear on the screen where the users may notice some icons in the top left corner. The second from the left icon will permit the users to glance the page in a mobile view. At this point, the page needs to be refreshed and upon reloading, some icons appear at the bottom of the mobile view. This comprises a symbol ‘+’ embedded in a square that indicates making a new post.

 On clicking the icon, users will be prompted to sharing a photo. They may proceed to make their post.  Also by clicking on the ‘ X ‘ in the top right of the Inspector tool window, users can continue using Chrome.   You can continue using Chrome as usual, simply by clicking on the X in the top right of the Inspector tool window.

Fig: Using Chrome for posting picture

b) Safari

Following steps may be adopted while procuring the safari browser:

1. With the Safari menu bar, opt for Safari then Preferences and then Advanced.

2. At the bottom of the Advanced tab, users may check a box pointing Show Develop menu.

Fig: Using Safari for posting pictures

3. A new Safari window will appear. Go to the Develop menu followed by User Agent. Here the users need to indicate the iOS version.

Fig: ( contd..) Posting picture using Safari

Rest is similar to the Chrome process. Visit the site and log in to the account. The thing is it appears as if users are using the mobile version rather the computer version.

At this point, users need to refresh the page and upon reloading, some icons appear at the bottom of the mobile view. This comprises a symbol ‘+’ embedded in a square that indicates making a new post. On clicking the icon, it will be easy for users to sharing a photo and may proceed to make their posts.

Note: Users need to go back to the Preferences to modify back to Default from user agent for viewing in computer version again.

2. By using Instagram Scheduling tools (How to upload photos to Instagram from PC)

We will be explaining about HopperHq Instagram scheduling tool.


HopperHq is one of the easiest Instagram scheduling tool to post on Instagram from PC or Mac. Users can post photos as well as videos to Instagram from their desktop and send them as per their convenience. With the usage of this tool, there is salvage of time and the users can be more creative and organized with their planning. Following steps show how this HopperHq works:

1. Users need to create an account and then they can log in to the dashboard.

how to upload pictures on instagram from pc
Fig: HopperHq for posting pictures

Once logged in to the dashboard, users can see all the currently scheduled posts that are to be published. The Grid Planner feature helps to overview the scheduled posts on the Instagram profile once published.

2. At the top left corner, there is  ‘Create Posts’. On clicking, it will lead users to new window where they can upload upto 50 images or videos at instant from various sources that even includes Dropbox and Google Drive.

how to post photos on instagram from computer
Fig: (contd..) Posting pictures using HopperHq

3. With Hooper Hq image editor, users can edit the images and set them to proper dimensions. After editing things are ready for posting with captions, users have the option to ‘Post Now’ or save as a draft. If the users plan to post the photo to other accounts even on Twitter or Facebook, they can add accounts on the right side of the post with the help of a plus icon. With this, the photos or the videos will appear in the dashboard and users can make necessary changes with dropping and dragging.

3. Using Third Party Tools

Similarly, using some great third-party tools, users may post to Instagram from PC or Mac. These programs help users post to their accounts. Users can easily download them from the internet to the desktops. Let’s discuss some of the tools that are really efficient for the very purpose.

a) Bluestacks

how to post pictures on instagram from pc
Fig: Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for a Mac or PC that provides a well ranged back version of the Instagram Android app. This is similar to the above-mentioned methods but the difference is there is no multiple account management or bulk uploading. On opening the Instagram after installing from the Bluestacks, the interface will change and give the view of the android app. It is just similar to changing the user agent in Chrome.

2. Once you open Instagram, the platform interface will change to the dimensions and view of the android app, similar to changing the user agent on Chrome.

Instagram on Bluestacks performs in the same way as it works on the mobile version. Users can edit posts and share them to other social media sites. As mentioned earlier the drawback with this tool is that there is no bulk uploading and multiple account management. 

b) Uplet (for Mac users only)

how to upload photos to instagram from pc
Fig: Uplet for Mac

This Instagram uploader tool is Uplet is solely for Mac users. The app provides users with upload numerous high-resolution photos keeping the original quality and adding the original captions from the accessibility of the user’s Mac keyboard. The unique creation of Uplet empowers the user’s photo and video sharing experience across Instagram.

 The great benefit with the Uplet is that users can upload multiple photos and videos from the computer and send posts to numerous Instagram accounts that the users manage. All the users need to do is download the tool and log in with the Instagram details.

 Users can do multiple uploads and send them right to their Instagram profile with a caption.  Besides, users can do editing with the images as well as orientation and cropping.



how to upload photos to Instagram from PC
Fig: LR/Instagram for posting photos

LR/Instagram is an unofficial publish plugin for Lightroom that gives the users access to post pictures straight to their Instagram account. The users simply need to install the plugin, add new service in Lightroom Publishing Manager and verify their Instagram account.

The users can drag photos to the publish collection, then click Publish to upload their photos to Instagram promptly. It also provides a metadata panel for adding hashtags to caption so as to be published to Instagram. 

Sadly, LR/Instagram is not currently working efficiently and is awaiting for a fix due to the restrictions placed by Instagram on its API.

Wrapping Up on How to upload photos to Instagram from PC

So we discussed some of the great and easy ways and tools to help the users on how to post pictures to Instagram. Users can adopt any of these methods to post pictures on Instagram. However, the users are suggested that they do not restrict only to these tools or methods for posting pictures to Instagram from the computer as they can opt for many more things.

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