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How To View Secret Conversations On Messenger 2021?? As the app is quite popular among the users, there are various concerns regarding the privacy and security of the contents. In this article, we have explained some legal ways of ‘how to view secret conversations on Messenger?’. In addition, we have also mentioned some third-party apps for effective solutions on the topic.

Facebook Messenger, popularly known as Messenger, is an American instant messaging platform developed by Facebook. The users can communicate with their Facebook friends through Facebook messages and exchange videos, photos, files, stickers and audios too.

Messenger provides the facility of video and voice calling to its users. It also supports using multiple accounts, playing games and chatting with end-to-end encryption. Messenger also has a good competition with some famous competing chat apps like WeChat, Signal, Gchat and Snapchat.

Primarily launched as Facebook Chat in 2008, Messenger has advanced and extended significantly since the development. The company modified the messaging service in 2010 and successively released Android and iOS apps in 2011 separately.

Facebook separated the Messenger from the core giant app in 2014. After that  the users were able to use this web interface as a single entity. In 2015, Messenger had nearly 600 million followers and reached above 1.3 billion users in February 2020.

The total messaging traffic increased by 50% in March 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. It was most likely due to the people who were quarantined.

In July 2020, Facebook also introduced App Lock that has brought major reforms in Messenger regarding privacy and security.


Fig : Installing Messenger App

How to view secret conversations on Messenger 2021?

As people are scrolling through social media excessively, they are much worried about their privacy and security concerns. As privacy and security has now become an integral concern, so Messenger provides the facility of end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption implementation executes TLS which secures videos, images, message requests, files, updates and calls from false groups.

The messaging feature ‘Secret conversations’ available on the Messenger app permits two users to have encrypted messaging. The message can be read-only by the recipient and cannot be cracked by a third party. When two people begin chatting, the app uses keys to secure connection. This assures not anyone, even Facebook, can view  chats.

Messenger’s secret conversations  support direct chats, videos, images, files and  stickers. It does not not support any sorts of callings or GIFs. You cannot have group chats with end-to-end encryption.

Messenger’s secret conversations support images, videos, stickers, and voice recordings. It does not support GIFs or any type of calling (audio or video).

Why is viewing secret conversations on Facebook important?

Too many reasons!!  Most importantly, people may use the contents wrongly and damage the image of the victim. Or they may be used for other illegal or nasty  purposes. Let’s see some of the common causes for which keeping an eye on secret conversations becomes a necessity.

Cyber Bullying

Vulgar people always look for videos, images, or files to crack and use them for wrong purposes. As the feature has the option to delete the chats automatically, wrong people find it difficult for such misuse.

Maintaining business reputation

With Facebook Secret conversations, business entrepreneurs, in some way may protect customers’ personal data and control theft repairing. This is important in maintaining people’s trust in brands.


The secret conversation is often preferred by the people to check their spouses. The history mode in secret conversation removes the messages automatically. There is no proof that the conversation existed.


Fig : View secret conversations on Messenger

  Now we come to the main  theme:

How to view secret conversations in Messenger 2021?’

We will discuss this section  for iOS and Android systems separately .

1.     How to view secret conversations on Messenger iOS 2021?

a. How to approve secret conversations?

 Follow these steps:

1.  Go to the  Facebook Messenger and tap the profile picture in the upper left corner.

2.  Go to ‘Secret conversations’ and make sure the feature is turned on.

3.  To go back to the Me page, click on ‘Me’  at the upper-left corner. Click  ‘Done’ at the upper-left corner.

Fig : approve secret conversations on iOS

b. How to start  secret conversations?

Follow these steps:

1.  After step 3 as explained above, click on the ‘Done’ at the upper-left corner to leave  the Me page.

2.  At the upper-right corner, click on the ‘pencil’ icon .

Fig: start secret conversations on iOS

3.           Next, tap ‘Secret’  at the upper – right corner.

4.  Select the recipient to whom to start the  conversation.

5.             The typed message will exit after 10 seconds. The timer may be set up by clicking the timer icon on the right of the typing area.

Fig : start secret conversations on iOS

How to delete secret conversations?

Click on the profile picture and go for  ‘Secret Conversations’. From there tap on the ‘Delete Secret Conversations’. Next,  click on the ‘Delete’ button to approve the decision.

2.     How to view secret conversations on Messenger Android 2021?

a. How to approve secret conversations?

Follow these steps:

1.  Go to the Messenger and tap the profile picture at  the upper right corner.

2.  Go to the ‘Secret Conversations’ on the Me page and tune it on if not.

3.  Click ‘ Turn on’.

Fig : Approve secret conversations on Android 2020

b. How to start secret conversations?

Follow these steps:

1.      Click on any contact to start a regular conversation.

2.      Click on the ‘details icon ( )’in the upper-right corner so as to manage  the  Details menu.

Fig: start secret conversations on Android 2020

   3.   Next, scroll  down to go to ‘Secret Conversation’.

Fig : start secret conversations on Android

4.  The typed message will exit after 10 seconds. The timer may be set up by clicking the timer icon on the right of the typing area.

How to delete secret conversations?

On the Me page, go to the “Secret Conversations”. Now, click on the ‘Delete all secret conversations’. Tap on the ‘Delete’ to approve the decision.

How to view a secret conversation on Messenger using third party tools??

Not all the third party apps are effective for  viewing  the messages secretly. Yes, there are some useful apps that bring good results. Readers are suggested to go to the official webpage of these apps and get  the important  details.

1.  mSpy

2.  Mobistealth

3.  Spyic

4.  TheOneSpy

5.  KidsGuard Pro

6. Quora


Benefits of Messenger Secret Conversations Tracking:

Social media has been  an extensive platform to boost up with every scenario. People are quite conscious about the negative results  they may face on misusing or getting on the wrong hands. Messenger is no exception. This has resulted in some serious misdeeds.

 The secret conversations tracking becomes quite  important for this part. This characteristic is extremely helpful for parents, employers and couples. Let’s see the advantages:

For Parents:

Teenagers often experience malpractices on social media. Such malpractices result in serious problems. Parents need to have control over their kid’s phones and check secret conversations privately. 

For Couples:

A partner may doubt that his/her counterpart  is hiding something from him/her. For this, he/she can use this feature to view the secret messages. By tracking the secret conversations, the major  problems may be solved  from the source with proper understanding.

For Employers:

To protect important information, entrepreneurs can keep an eye  on employees’ mobile phones  in a confidential manner.  Messenger can say a lot about employees.

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Closing Thoughts

So we discussed ‘how to view secret conversations on Messenger 2021?’ . The process is quite simple for both the iOS and Android systems. The use of third party apps also makes this process simple. Check out for the mentioned third party apps and enjoy the benefits. 

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